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The Intellectual Side of Female Beauty  

Female beauty has always been a fascinating phenomenon due to the mystical relation between the inner and physical beauty. The Beautiful Women Pedia is dedicated to exploring this phenomenon in every way possible.

Let's begin with the scientific approach to the standards of beauty. According to science and nature any woman whether she looks average, is overweight, or is short in stature can be scientifically defined as beautiful if she possess the geometrical balance. To find out more about this interesting topic go to scientific standards of female beauty

However, even though geometric beauty can be defined, beauty is very subjective because of the hundreds of cultures the human race possesses. Therefore society will actually depict what is said to be attractive; and this has been true since man stood upright. After reading History of Female Beauty you will discover the rapid pace of how beauty is constantly redefining itself.

There is no doubt that female beauty has had and still has a big influence on our society. From art to everyday life attractive women are everywhere around us. They are on television, billboards, in the movies, magazines, and numerous ads that advertise everything but the air we breathe.

Marketers are very skilled in finding some-kind of a connection between the product they are selling and a beautiful woman; so they can justify using a beautiful lady in their ads. Why is the advertising industry so interested in using the images of attractive women in their ads and commercials? 

Needless to say a beautiful woman phenomenon is truly fascinating which is why science is very interested in defining and exploring it.

If you are interested in finding out why some attractive women are perceived as beautiful; what a beautiful woman effect is; is the female beauty a cultural construction or a "natural order"...  make sure you visit this page: Psychology of Female Beauty

For more interesting articles on female beauty go to Exploring the Depths Of Female Beauty.

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.