10 First Date Ideas

From the mundane to the marvellous

1.The non-date coffee-date

This is the safest best in terms of a first date if you’re really not sure the other party is interested and you just want to get an idea of their level of interest, find out more about who they are, and keep your options open to remain friends if it doesn’t go further.

This is quite a popular option if you’re dating in a circle of friends and either don’t want to label the date too soon, or you want to keep things low key so it doesn’t ripple through the social circle.

2.The fancy restaurant

This date idea is perfect if you want to make an impression and set the stage for a romantic evening.

If you’re relatively confident your interest is reciprocal and you’d like to express interest in further intimacy, the fancy restaurant is a good setting to get romantic, but it’s also a nice way to plant the seed for a longer term relationship, as it gives you a longer time to get to know them.

On the flip side, if you’re not totally sure but you want to try for the romance, just give yourself an exit strategy in case half way through dinner you realize you won’t make it to dessert.10 First Date Ideas

3.The skate-date

Many people find skating romantic, and if physical fitness or exercising with your potential mate is important to you, this is a good way to gauge that interest, and it can be quite fun and original to do something like skating rather than dinner.

It’s more flexible for time, and if you can skate outdoors, will give you some nice exercise and fresh air while you get to know them!

4.The night out with friends

Some might advise against a date in a very social context, but if the person is already in your circle of friends, it can be a great idea to schedule a night out with friends where you can just step aside and mingle with them more intimately.

This might be a bit more awkward as a first date idea if your party doesn’t know your friends at all or vice versa, but on the flip side, if your social time is very important to you, it might be a good idea to find out how well they fit within that setting from the get-go.

5.The classic movie date

A movie date is a classic and while it may not give you much room for conversation, you will have an opportunity to compare tastes and create a romantic atmosphere with your love interest.

It is advisable to choose subject matter that is of mutual interest and won’t cause offense.

10 First Date IdeasThe classic romantic comedy can work well as they are generally light subject matter and set the mood for a date.

6.The walk under the moon

A moonlight walk is a classic way to meet with a potential mate and turn up the romance.

The moon itself is quite a fascinating thing to gaze at, and can inspire the best feelings towards a new person, so if you’re in a scenario where you’re trying to put every chance on your side, a walk under the moon, either on the beach, through the woods or just in the city streets, can all serve your highest intentions.

7.The concert date

If you’re both into music, a concert date can be a fun and out of the ordinary way to spend time together.

There will be time before and after to chat, and if you decide it’s not going to be a second-date situation, at least you get a show out of it!

Choose something local that won’t cost a fortune, or maybe something that you would have really loved to see anyway.

8.The ice cream parlour

Ice cream (or any dairy alternative), is a great casual and fun way to get to know someone.

It’s perfect for a sunny day, doesn’t last very long, but can lead to other things if you decide you’re having a good time with the person.

10 First Date Ideas

9.The art gallery

An art gallery would be a great place to discuss ideas and tastes, for those who are more culturally inclined.

Many cities have galleries that are free to access, so this is a very low cost date option that would provide you with some subject matter for discussion, and lots of inspiration for exploring mutual interests and compatibility.

10.The brunch date

Finally, you can’t go wrong with a brunch date.

This option gives you a chance to start your day with an exploration, and plenty of time in the rest of your day to do something else with the person if things go well.

On the flip side, if you decide it’s not the right person, the brunch date leaves options very open to stay friends as it is a light first meeting.

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