Tonia Sotiropoulou – Beautiful Greek Actress

Birth Name: Tonia Sotiropoulou-Τόvια Σωτηροπούλου

Date of Birth: April 28, 1987

Place of Birth: Athens, Greece

Nationality: Greek

Occupation: Actress

Height: 5 ft 6in; 1.68m

Sotiropoulou in one sentence: Tonia is talented, ambitious, down to Earth lady who is chasing her dreams.


I am a man trapped in a woman’s body.

Actors are generally very fragile creatures and very insecure as people and their profession might be a way to escape from reality.

My parents were always telling me that the one of the most important things in life is to be happy with your own choices and to do what you love; that is why I never had doubts whether I should be an actress or not.

Success is something very personal and it has to do with the creation of beautiful things.

I trust my instincts.

One of the happiest moments in my professional life was when I passed the audition for the film “skyfall” 007. I must say that the role I played brought to me extreme popularity.

I like the hard way. I was never a woman who accommodated.

I am very grateful for all that has happened to me . I’ve been very lucky and I owe a lot to people who have helped me without asking for anything, not even knowing me , just because they thought that maybe there is something valuable in me .

I have high expectations for myself, I’m pretty ambitious person.

Life brings us finally where we should be. 

Don’t be afraid and have faith in yourself.

Interesting Facts:

She is best known for her roles in films”: Skyfall (2012), Berberian Sound Studio (2012) and Hercules (2014) .

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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