Amazing Beautiful Women

The Beautiful Women Pedia’s definition of Amazing Beauties:

Amazing beautiful women are women that are beautiful inside out; have accomplished many things in their lives and are changing this world for better.

In other words, these women are physically very attractive, intelligent, brave, successful, talented, hard working, well-rounded, and last but not least they dedicate themselves to helping others.

The Quest For Amazing Beautiful Women

Searching for beautiful women that are worthy of being given the title of “Amazing Beauty” turned out to be time consuming and very challenging process. Our research team has spent countless hours and lots of resources in order to come up with this list.

The searching process consisted of going through thousands of beautiful women’s biographies and news articles (in five languages). In the end the conclusion of the quest was shocking to all of us: just 10 out of 2000 beautiful women are eligible for the “Amazing Beauty” Title.

That means that in order to get 10 amazing beautiful women about 2000 biographies and even more news articles needed to be researched by our research team.

Okay, so if it was so demanding and costly to make this list why did we bother?

Well, this list is much more than just a list of beautiful women. This is the testimony that beautiful women can be much more than just beautiful, intelligent and successful. They can also be inspiring, influential and thus great role models for the new generations.

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