Amuro Namie – The Ultra Stunning Japanese Superstar

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Birth name: Amuro Namie

Date of Birth: September 20, 1977

Place of Birth: Okinawa, Japan

Nationality: Japanese

Occupation: Singer, actress, dancer

Height: 5 ft 2 in; 157 cm

Measurements: 30-21-33 (US)

Famous for: Amuro is one of the most famous Japanese female singers. In her teens she was referred to as the “Teen Queen”, and latter as the Queen of the Pop Music.


My fans give me the energy to always move forward.

There is always something to worry about.

Singing is my destiny.

Interesting Facts:

Amuro raised solely by her mother, Emiko Taira.

Namie started her singing career when she was only 14 years old, as the member of the teenage girl group Super Monkey’s.

In 1995 Amuro decided to pursue a solo career and she released two great singles: “Body Feels Exit” and “Chase the Chance” both of which became major hits in Japan.

In 1997 she released the single “Can You Celebrate?” which became Japan’s best selling single by a solo female artist.

Namie is credited for popularizing shotgun weddings in Japan because she married Masaharu Maruyama out of blue when she was three moths pregnant with their child. The couple split in 2000 and they were officially divorced in 2002.

Amuro has sold over 30 million copies in Japan alone (she is famous in China and South Korea as well), making her one of the best selling Japanese Artist of all time.

Namie received many national and international music awards including: “Inspiration Award Japan”, “Most Impressive Performing Asian Artist” in 2005 (my MTV Awards), and many other. She was the first artist to receive awards for four years in a row at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan.

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