Anahit Simonyan – An Exotic Armenian Beauty

Anahit is a very attractive brunette, and a lovely girl, with many talents. 

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Birth name: Anahit Simonyan

Date of Birth: June, 23 1988

Place of Birth: Surgut City, Russian Federation

Nationality: Armenian/Russian

Occupation: Singer

Famous for: Anahit is famous for her singing career. However, she is also famous for her stunning and exotic beauty. Also, being married to the famous singer (Hayko) definitely contributed to her fame but the fact is that she was very famous before she was married.

Interesting Facts

Simonyan was born in Russian federation but at very young age she moved to Yerevan (the capital city of Armenia) where she entered the State Song Theater of Armenia.

After graduating Anahit made her first music video “My Armenia” and the new star was born.

Since then she made many music videos and she became one of the most famous Armenian female singers.

On January 16th 2010 Anahit and her boyfriend Hayko Harsaniq announced their engagement, but not before Hayko asked her father (the governor of the Surgut state of Russia) for his blessing.

Later that year Anahit and her fiancé released their first duet which became an instant hit in Armenia and beyond.

In Jun 10, 2010 Anahit and Hayko got married. The wedding ceremony took place at St. Gayane Church in Echmiadzin. The wedding was glamorous but traditional at the same time.

In 2011 Anahit gave birth to a son that she and her husband named Aram.

Her music career has never been better; which is the proof to all beautiful ladies out there that they can be mothers and have a successful career at the same time.

Anahit Simonyan in one sentence – Anahit is an exotic Armenian beauty, talented singer and an ambitious young lady.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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