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Birth name: Angela Jonsson

Date of Birth: February 28, 1990

Place of Birth: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Nationality:  Indian

Origin: Indian, Icelandic

Occupation: Model, actress

Height:  5 feet 8in; 1.73m

Measurements: 32-24-35(in);81.2-60.9-88.9(cm)

Jonsson  in one sentence: Angela is a beautiful Asian woman and talented actress. 


I always wanted to be a performer.

When you have a big family, you don't have to go looking out for friends. There is always someone you can talk to.

I participated in a reality show, and I must say that it is mentally and physically exhausting.

Everything happens for a reason if not for anything, to teach you something.

That what is news today will be garbage tomorrow.

I don't like going to the gym, instead I am walking a lot.

Always have a backup plan.

I love to dance, to travel, exercise and be fit.

I like confident men with a sense of humor.

Interesting facts:

  • Angela was voted one of Times’ 50 Most Desirable Women in India in 2011.
  • Jonsson has six sisters and three brothers.
  • She became famous after winning the Kingfisher Calendar Model Hunt in 2011.
  • Her father is Icelander and her mother is a Mangaloreian.
  • She grew up in a huge house on a plantation and had all kinds of pets -- from rabbits and monkeys to squirrels and dogs!
  • Her favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany's.
  • One of her favorite writers is Paulo Coelho.

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