An Exclusive Interview With Ayyan

Ayyan is a beautiful young lady with a very successful international modeling career. She graced numerous magazine covers and was the face of a number of prestigious brands. Aside from being a top model she is also a talented singer and performer.

Ayyan Interview

BWP: What do you like the most about being a model? 

Ayyan: Well being a model is easy ! What I love about my career is that I'm a supermodel ;-) 

BWP: Who is your favorite designer? 

Ayyan: Hmm tough question... I love Chanel LV however I buy cloths that suits me best and that I feel good in, regardless of their labels. 

BWP: You have won many beauty awards. Is being beautiful a curse or a blessing? 

Ayyan: Curse no way ! I m blessed and thankful to my God for everything I have. Including my health, family, friends, success.....everything.

BWP: Do you have any advice for the young girls that would like to become successful models such as yourself? 

Ayyan: In order to become successful in life you have to be positive, hardworking and fair with other people like you are with yourself ... I believe in KARMA, so if you do good, good things come to you!! Also, above everything you have to have faith in God. That's it, everything will be first class :-) 

BWP: What are your beauty secrets? 

Ayyan: Natural and healthy lifestyle. 

BWP: Who is the most beautiful woman in the world to you? 

Ayyan: hmm first option myself haha ;-) and then if I have to choose someone else it's definitely Cameron Diaz :-) 

BWP: What do you like to do in your free time? 

Ayyan: Tennis and music :-) 

BWP: Do you have any hobbies? 

Ayyan: I enjoy everything I do ... Music, travelling, cooking, reading, playing sports... 

BWP: What do you enjoy the most: modeling, acting or singing? 

Ayyan: I can't choose. I love all of them! But if I have to rank them: 1. Music  2. Acting, 3. Modeling .

BWP: What was your experience like while filming the music video for the song “You and I”? 

Ayyan: My album is almost done! I am proud of my debut song "You and I" as well as of my album because as u know I m the writer, composer and executive producer of every song on my album... My experience so far with music, song creating and everything else that has to do with music business, including filming the music videos, is amazing. I just want to create great projects for my fans. 

My goal is to entertain them and make them feel good about themselves. Also, my most important message to all people is that life is beautiful and nothing is impossible. I believe in having everything in life, that's why I named my album " Nothing like Everything " :-) 

BWP: Who is your role model? 

Ayyan: My mother. I truly admire her strength.

BWP: What are you most proud of? 

Ayyan: I m proud of everything I did and I will do in future by the grace of God ... 

BWP: What is it like to be a cosmopolitan?  

Ayyan: Well, I m born in Dubai. I lived half of my life in UK and traveled the world since my childhood up until now. I love all the countries I lived in. I'm an easy going person that loves to travel and meet new people.  I'm traveling a lot due to my career which is one of many things I love about the showbiz and modeling.  

BWP: You worked in UK , Paris , Singapore, Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia, India, Bangkok, Romania, Greece, Sri Lanka and many other countries. How did those experiences influenced you as a person?

Ayyan: It helped me widen my horizons. Traveling around the world and discovering new cultures is both exciting and educational.

BWP: What is your life motto? 

Ayyan: Whatever I want I get it by the grace of God ... My motto is to produce unforgettable projects in music, modelling and acting for my fans :-) 

BWP: What gives you the strength to get through the tough times? 

Ayyan: I have never been through tough times by the grace of God; as i said earlier, I believe in karma - I do good I get good in return :-) 

BWP: What is the best compliment you ever received? 

Ayyan: That I m a good human being 

BWP: What are your plans for the future? 

Ayyan: My plan is to see the graph of my career  going higher and higher as always :-) 

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.