Beautiful Bahamian Women

Beautiful Bahamian Women are Breathtaking

The Bahamas are picture perfect islands with clear turquoise ocean surrounding them.

It is very touristy where the people indulge themselves in conch and other seafood that is protected in the states. The people here are very laid back and live a very island lifestyle by making their money from the seas, serving the wealthy, and the tourist industry.

It is the 3rd richest nation in the America’s and the richest in the world where the population is predominately black.

Characteristic of Bahamian Beauties

The women here are predominantly black with (in general) high cheekbones, dark eyes and Afro hair. These women are up to date on fashions and wear the same things that Americans and Europeans wear, however it is a very hot place and shorts and sandals are common. Some wear make up, some do not. Appearance wise, they are very low maintenance.

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      • Women in Bahamas have access to education and are urged to pursue higher degrees if the funds are available. Many affluent ladies further their education by attending universities in the States. They all speak British English and obtain the same career opportunities as men however they tend to dominate in the teaching and nursing industries.
  • About 90% of Bahamian women claim to practice a Christian religion. Marriage is not pressured among the girls and for the less affluent women it is common for them to have several children with different men.Men are considered to be playboys and once they woo a girl, they move on to the next. It is said that this is one reason Bahamian girls are hard to get. They do date and marry into other races and both parents participate in raising children and contributing to the household. Women usually do all of the cooking and domestic duties, while the men are “out playing”.
Shakara Ledard Beautiful Bahamian Women

Shakara Ledard

  • Bahamian ladies are very laid black and are never in a rush to do anything. They participate in many outdoor activities, play sports, and join in on the night life. They do have bonds with their families however it is not common for two generations to be under one roof.
Tinnyse Johnson Beautiful Bahamian Women

Tinnyse Johnson

In the Bahamian culture, men are hardly faithful but are considered to be very romantic. This can be seen with the plethora of single mothers in the Bahamas. Beautiful Bahamian women are dubbed as “Americanized”.<ption]

They take excellent care of their men, are usually calm in nature unless crossed, and associate themselves with men of many races. Below is a littl] bit about their relationships.

  • Women in Bahamas expect to be romanced and treated with respect. They do not tolerate domestic abuse and are likely to hit back harder.
  • When out and about, they expect the male to pay for a date in its entirety.
  • These women do perform in the traditional domestic role, but it is unlikely she will give up a career in order to be a “stay at home” mother or wife.
  • The Bahamian girls  have no problem with expressing their femininity and talking about most things.

Bahamian women are a bit hard to break from their outer shell because they are used to playboys but these women are easily approachable. They enjoy the social scene but perform everything at a slow pace. Bahamian ladies are strong minded and are often dominate. They are the perfect choice for men that do not live a hectic lifestyle.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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