Beautiful Afghan Women

Beautiful Afghan Women Outside Of The Veil

Gorgeous Afghan women are well hidden which is why their beauty and sensuality is still a big mystery.

Afghanistan was making great stride in evolving their culture tight up to the early 90’s, then there was well known unfortunate downfall with the rise of the Taliban. Woman’s right were stripped and they became the subject of public humiliation and a shame to society.

The world has worked hard and restored some of these right for the women of Afghanistan,

 however rarely a woman will exercise them for fear of being terrorized and abused. They do not drive and walk around in public alone. Most are under the veil and are not educated at all.

Sadly, Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries. The women though, well that is another story. The world rarely gets to view their beauty. Listed are some characteristics of Afghan women.

These women have tanned skin and dark hair. Their eyes are many shades but brown is the dominant color. Their hair is long as they are not allowed to cut it. Today these women do enjoy more freedoms however they are still under Taliban insurgency so they are not allowed to dress how they like. They wear burqas which means they are covered from head to toe. They do not show skin and most do not even show their beautiful eyes.

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  • Beautiful Afghan women are gaining more rights and hope is on the horizon. In a few areas, education is available to some of them. These women tend to read and write and learn some basic English skills. They are very inquisitive and education is highly valued and encouraged.

Beautiful Afghan Women

  • Afghan women are family oriented. Very few are yet to work or have careers and are expected to stay in their homes and to never leave it. In some areas they do leave but only when chaperoned. They are expected to be virgins and marriages are usually arranged starting at an early age.
  • A native Afghan will be Muslim therefore she can only marry into the Muslim faith. Under current laws, reverting is a cause for the death sentence. They care for their children and homes meticulously.
  • Modern Afghan women that are enjoying their freedoms are very active and social. The biggest thing is to make friends and go to school. They are becoming active in sports and other outdoor extracurricular activities. Simply, they LOVE to be outside enjoying the company of others.

When it comes to dating, it simply does not happen. Most beautiful Afghan women do not date and if they do, it is for the sole result of being married. The women that are free are particular about their men though. Below is a list of what every repressed woman, especially Afghan females will certainly like to see in their man of choice or that was chosen.

  • Afghan women are not at all materialistic and are not used to anything, especially feminine gifts. A man that allows her act and look like a woman would be appreciated. She may not be able to go out in public dressed sexy, but she will certainly enjoy that freedom in her own home.

Beautiful Afghan Women

  • Afghan women do not work and even if they do, they will not earn more than a few cents. A man that can be an excellent provider and allow her to have some sense of self dependency by working, will be her super hero.
  • In order to be with her, a man will have to be of the Muslim faith. There are no if, and, or but about this. Being with a man outside of this faith would be risking her life. Non Muslims need not apply unless there is a whole army to save her life.
  • An Afghan woman would be elated to be around a man that travels and is educated. This will give her a sense of hope and she will be desperate to learn from an intelligent man.

Beautiful Afghan women conclusion: the world can certainly use some more Afghan women. They are so repressed that hardly anyone knows how beautiful they truly are.

They have all the qualities that traditional men want, however they just do not have the education that they so deserve. They are trained to be wives from birth and in no way should their situation be taken advantage of. Underneath all of that clothing is an individual with a need to learn and be loved.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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