Beautiful Albanian Women

Beautiful Albanian Women Are Mesmerizing

Below you can find out interesting information on these stunning Adriatic beauties.

Albanian Women Characteristics

Albanian women have very specific semi-European/semi-Arabic features. It is as if they took the best features of the beautiful European women and mixed them with the hottest Arabic female features. The result is the Albanian exotic female beauty that leaves no man indifferent.

Please note: Albanians are not Arabs. They are Europeans of somewhat mixed origin, as most of the Balkan nations are. However, this is not the article about the origin of the Albanian people. This article, and for that matter this entire website, is about women and their beauty.

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  • Even though about 70 percent of Albanians (that live in Albania) are Muslims the Albanian women are quite secular.

    Freedom of speech is encouraged in Albania and women enjoy all the rights men do.

Note: Albania is known as the most western and secular Muslim country in the world.

  • Albanian girls love to have fun, dance, drink, and do all the things that girls in the Western Europe like to do.However, there are many small and few major differences between the beautiful Albanian women and attractive Western European women.
  • The Albanian women are committed to their husbands and honor their family values and traditions (Albania has one of the lowest divorce rates in Europe).
  • Albanian women dress in modern, elegant yet alluring way. Beautiful Albanian girls take good care of their bodies and follow the latest fashion trends.

    Eralda Hitaj - Beautiful Albanien Women

    Eralda Hitaj

Albanian Women Dating Tips

  • Albanian women respect men but they also expect to be respected back. Do not just go over to a beautiful Albanian girl and ask her to hang out.
  • In short, if you would like to pick up a stunning Albanian woman you should do your best to make her feel respected and special – be a gentleman.

Note: Albanian men are quite protective over women. Therefore, before engaging in an romantic way with an Albanian lady make sure her brothers or cousins are not around to “congratulate” you.

Beautiful Albanian women in one sentence – Albanian beauties are the exotic and shiny pearls of the Adriatic Sea.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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