Beautiful Algerian Women

Beautiful Algerian Women Living in a Paradox

Algeria is an Arabic nation consisting of 99% Arab or Berber with Islam being the dominating religion. This country is rich is oil and gas with 50% of the people living below poverty standards.

Algeria is regarded as a relatively liberal nation, considering it is predominantly a Muslim country, and the status of women reflects this.

However, even though their status is well defined with laws and the country’s constitution they face numerous challenges and obstacles in expressing themselves freely and living their lives as they wish.

 With that being said, here are some other interesting things about Algeria’s female population.

Beautiful Algerian women are usually olive, tanned, or even black complected with dark hair and eyes. They are feminine and wear cosmetics. They usually dress extremely modest and some in the cities wear fashionable clothing. Head scarves are often seen and skin is not. Veils are less common but not unheard of. These women are not ever seen without being appropriately dressed.

  • Unlike other countries in the region, equality for women is embedded in Algerian laws and the constitution. Interestingly enough, women make up 70 percent of Algeria’s lawyers and 60 percent of its judges (They also dominate the fields of medicine, science, and healthcare).Take a look at these beautiful Algerian Women:

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  • Algerian ladies had an important and very active role in the Algerian War of Independence. This is one of the reasons they gained lots of rights after the war. Also, their men probably realized they shouldn’t make them upset or else…
  • On the other side, in rural parts of Algeria it is still common that the marriages are arranged by parents or a professional match maker. She will only marry a male of equal or higher social class and she is expected to remain a virgin until then. Anything a daughter does is a direct reflection on her family and they are raised that their behavior will have direct consequences if she defames the honor of her family. Modern Algerian women choose their partners and live their lives as they want.
  • Even though women account for about 30 percent of the parliamentary seats in the Algerian government and despite the fact that about 60 percent of college graduates in Algeria are women the level of civil liberties and political rights in Algeria is one of the lowest in the Arab world.
Amina Kaddur Beautiful Algerian Women

Amina Kaddur

Almost all of Algeria’s women that live in rural areas do not date. Men are sought out for them in order to marry. They are meant to birth and raise children, preferably males. The more males she births, the higher her status becomes. She will raise them to be very close to her, breast feed them longer, and will treat them like princes. Girls are taught to be subservient from a very young age.

On the other side, Algerian ladies in urban parts of Algeria have many more freedoms and choices; that is if their fathers and husbands give them blessing, which (surprisingly) they usually do.

Sabrina Arab Beautiful Algerian Women

Sabrina Arab

      • Algerian women are very traditional. They take care of their children and husbands and work in the fields, courtrooms, hospitals, public transportation, universities or other places at the same time.
      • All Algerian women love to be respected but only the well educated or the affluent ones demand it.
      • Gentlemen like behavior is highly appreciated by the Algerian girls as well as the men that are loyal and encourage the equality for women.
      • Beautiful Algerian women that are Muslims will almost never marry a man that is not a Muslim.
      • An Algerian woman can be the 4th wife to one Algerian man. He can marry up to four women as long as he can financially care for all of them.

Modern Algerian women are working extremely hard for their rights and progress is slow to take place because of cultural and social pressures despite the fact that the laws are on their side.

Islamic fundamentalists and the attitude of men have prevailed in how women as a whole act today.  For example, about 2/3’s of Algeria’s women veil themselves even though they have freedom of dress.

In conclusion, Algerian women are brave, hard-working, intelligent, caring mothers and devoted wives which is why they deserve all the best that one society can offer. Unfortunately, they live in a land of paradox but that will not stop them from being happy and eventually get what belongs to them.

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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