Beautiful Belgian Women

Beautiful Belgian Women Are Sophisticated & Passionate Ladies

Belgium is one of those countries that are most famous for beer and waffles. You just don’t think of the gorgeous Belgian women because they are not widely known, however Belgium if full of stunning babes.

Belgium women have many looks. They can be short, tall, many hair colors, typically pale, and have bright colored eyes. 60% of the population speaks Dutch, and the rest French and German. As well, the women are all of these. Below are a couple more generalizations.

Belgian women are not very inviting at first. However, that doesn’t mean that they are not interested in men. It only means that men should do their best to impress them and win them over.Belgian women wait a long time to get married. Only one in five brides are 25 or younger. They form very tight family bonds and couples are not likely to live with one another before marriage. Unfortunately their divorce rate is 70%.

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    • Belgian women are traditional when it comes to child rearing and home making.

      There is a 55% chance that she is a Roman Catholic but only a 6% chance that she attends regular church services.

  • Belgian women have a higher degree of education and typically speak multiple languages. They dress conservative and are typically low maintenance. They are neither shallow nor materialistic. They do not spend hours putting on face paints and they tend to go all natural.
  • Belgium women are not at all hung up on virtually any matters. They are very liberated and discuss any topics openly and in any public setting.

Beautiful Belgian women are very particular about their men. Money is not what they are after. These beauties want respect and a sensitive man.  Listed are a few things that Belgium women look for:

  • A sensitive man with the decency to treat her like a woman. Belgian women are very feminine and appreciate any man that respects them enough to recognize that.Beautiful Belgian Women
  • Hardworking and confident men are desired, however these types of men are hard for a Belgian woman to warm up to at first.
  • Belgian women are not so much concerned with looks as they are with intelligence. They are very attracted to men that can hold a conversation.

Beautiful Belgian Women

Financial stability is welcoming however a Belgian woman has no problems taking care of herself. She does not want a jobless bum, but she is not after someone with a lot of money.

Belgian women love to be approached. They are not after an immediate relationship and remain reserved and cautious of men. Here are a couple tips to help out.

  • Belgian women do enjoy spirits, but they are not the wild drunk that are commonly seen in Brussels.
  • Beautiful Belgian women are stunning and appreciate an open flirt with modesty. They are very feminine and a bit of recognition is always appreciated. A compliment will go very far.
  • Most of the dates she has been on have been “Dutch”. They are used to this behavior and by paying for the date will mean you are sincere in getting to know her better.
  • Keep the conversation going with intelligent topics. Belgian women do not want to associate themselves with anyone lacking common sense and intellect. This is very important to them.

Beautiful Belgian Women Conclusion: To put it all together, Belgian beauties are very independent and can take care of themselves. If you would like to date a Belgian lady keep in mind that simply acknowledging her femininity will go a long way. Also, manners and respect will land you a gorgeous Belgian woman before money and lack of brains does.

Beautiful Belgian Women

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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