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Hot Congolese women are one of the most beautiful women in Africa.

Oddly enough, the Democratic Republic Of Congo is considered the richest country in the world when it comes to natural resources and minerals, however its citizens are considered to be among the world’s poorest.

There are over 300 ethnic groups here and not all of them get along well – to put it mildly.

 Mining is extremely important and attracts many refugees for work purposes.

Even though this country is still full of post war conflict, there are some great things about the women of the Congo.

Most of Congo’s women are considered tribal looking and are a licorice black. They have high cheek bones, are tall, and typically thick boned with curvy rears. Bigger women are generally more attractive on the African continent. Even the less civilized Congolese women are fashionable. They prefer bright colors, long dress, and wear head wraps. They are very feminine and will accent their natural features with earthy cosmetics. They take great pride in how they dress no matter what part of the DRC they hail from.

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  • Education is considered important and equal among genders, however with recent events this has been put on the back burner. The literacy rate as a whole was up to 72% but that has dropped considerably. Today Congolese women are more likely to be literate than men.
    Laura Beyne Beautiful Congolese Women

    Laura Beyne

    About 50% of the women will contribute to the work force while the others work on the home front. Women that do take on higher degrees and pursue high profile careers usually are affluent or have fled.

  • About half of Congolese people practice Christianity. It is common for beautiful Congolese women to marry very young and have as many children as possible. The more children she has, the higher her social status ranks.
  • Beautiful Congolese women are extremely social and form very tight bonds with their families. Even in urban settings, homes with 10 or more people are common. Whole communities aid in raising children. These women are always busy socializing, doing domestic chores, teaching, or doing something creative. Also, food is one of the centerfolds of their life.

Modern Congolese women may date, however it will likely be short lived. Society and culture pressure these women to settle and have children as soon as they are able (this is especially the case in rural areas). Below are some more details about Congolese relations.

  • All beautiful Congolese women can cook and are happy to feast with friends and family. Men are very important to them and they make sure he is the leader of the family in one form or fashion.
  • Congolese women are very warm, caring, and welcoming of strangers, even westerners. These women are easily approachable and are flattered by the simplest sentiments.

    Joelle Kayembe  Beautiful Congolese Women

    Joelle Kayembe

  • Congolese women will expect everyone in her household to look their best. Even if she has no running water, she will make sure that all clothing and accessories are pressed and looking as presentable as possible.

The women of Congo deserve much more than what their fellow men have been able to do for them in the basic human rights department. Today, Congo men have a terrible reputation for many reasons.

Beautiful Congolese women are very fun individuals with familial pride and extreme femininity. It is time these women are worldly known for not only their beauty, but their worthiness, skills, and strong survival sense.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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