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A Sampling Beautiful Costa Rican Women

Stunning Costa Rican women are too desirable to resist!

Costa Rica is a mountainous country where time almost does not exist. Only the rich wear watches and that is only because of status. The people here live a very stress free life, especially in the rural parts.

Costa Ricans are extremely welcoming of outsiders and encourage them to visit and even buy property. As for the Costa Rican women, they have come a long way in the last 50 years. They vote, are taking on more roles in leadership careers, however they still hold on to their traditional roles. In other words, they have simply taken on more responsibilities. Listed are a few more things about Costa Rica’s women.

Costa Rican Women Characteristics

Because of cultural inbreeding, beautiful Costa Rican women have many skin, hair, and eyes shades. Typically though they are olive complected with dark hair. They are petite when young and are up to date on the latest fashions. These women are extremely feminine and have no problems showing off their goods. In the bigger cities, Costa Rican women do not leave their homes unmade.

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  • Today education is heavily encouraged among the Costa Rican girls. They have equal access to schooling and 93% are literate. Many pursue higher degrees and move on into the professional workforce. They dominate as teachers, nurses, and other administrative jobs. Depending on her educational background, she may know some English. Costa Rican women have been slow in the political jobs because of their machismo upbringing.
Jessica Perez Beautiful Costa Rican Women

Jessica Perez

  • Beautiful Costa Rican women are very close to their families. Even today they have strong traditional thinking. She will not give up her career to raise a family, unless finances abide, but she will definitely juggle both very well. Their children are treated like princes and princesses and are brought up as humble, respectful, and with a strong sense of family. There is a 70% chance that she will be Catholic and only a 44% chance that she practices.
  • Costa Rican women participate in many outdoor activities, love to shop, and finish off their evenings with dancing. These  women value white skin and light eyes. They do enjoy dating and have a strong sense of national pride.

Beautiful Costa Rican women love men. They enjoy being treated like a woman in return. Even though they are modernized, they still feel a sense of obligation on the home front. She will make all financial and household decisions, however she will be a bit subservient to her male counterpart in public. Here are some more things about their relations and what they expect.

  • First, men in Costa Rica see two kinds of women. Ones that you marry, and the ones that you have “fun” with (as if they can’t have that with their wives). This is still seen in society today and is becoming less tolerable. Faithful men will always be preferred.
  • Costa Rican women are extremely feminine and expect to be treated like a lady. They love to be put on a pedestal, lavished with gifts, and expect romance. She will expect her man to be a gentleman and admire her beauty.
Kathryn Arbenz Beautiful Costa Rican Women

Kathryn Arbenz

  • Costa Rican women are seen as equal however she will want a strong hardworking man with financial stability. She will be very independent but security is extremely important to them.
  • Costa Rican women love well groomed men. They will date older men and are not too fussy about race.

All in all, beautiful Costa Rican women are free thinking individuals that possess traditional roles in society. They love men, things, and their femininity. Almost all of these women have an education and are not particularly looking to be rescued.

They have the same modern conveniences of today, however it is expensive for those amenities. Gorgeous Costar Rican women are stunning and come in many different colors and sizes. Costa Rica is full of women that fill many different tastes.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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