Why Men Love Beautiful Curvy Women

Beautiful Curvy Women – the dream of many men

Women all over ask if men prefer curvy women to skinny women.

It seems curvy women are less than desirable because of how fashion magazines and Hollywood portray beautiful women to be today.

Always you see these types of women on the runway with lanky legs and breasts no bigger than an ant bite.

Unfortunately many women aspire to be these bag a bones because they really believe this is what men find to be beautiful.

This article was written to let the truth be told.

Men are not attracted to women that look like a shapeless zombie.  They LOVE beautiful curvy women because it is in their genetics!  As a matter of fact, curvy women are like drugs to them.

Only recently have women strived to be so thin and blandly shaped.

Factually, curvier women, especially those with wider hips, have always been regarded as sexy.

This is because wide hips indicate that she can easily give birth.

Women with a little tummy on them can even be seen in famous historic paintings.  Breasts are another thing that will floor a man.

There is not one man that will prefer breasts that look like fried eggs over breasts that are shaped like melons.

Also, Cosmopolitan Magazine put out a poll a couple of years ago that shows 68% of men preferred women to have “meat” on their bones.

Naturally these women are more attractive to men, they are healthier.

Men do not want to snuggle with a woman that looks like part of an archaeological dig site.

Men want substance.  They want women to look like women.  A curvy woman screams femininity which is something men have been finding sexy since they started to walk upright.

Essentially, men are not near as shallow as magazines depict them to be.  They like big butts, breasts, and wide hips.  Curves!

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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