Beautiful Cyprus Women

The Mystery Of Beautiful Cyprus Women

Cyprus, a place notorious for its laid back lifestyle with a beautiful shoreline and women.

Cypriot women are very equal in gender, however they are traditionalists. Men have not yet adopted to domestic duties and women still juggle their careers and commit to raising a family at the same time.

Overall, the women live in a male dominating culture. The best part is that Cyprus women have great respect for gorgeous men and the male body. Some more things to know about the women of Cyprus below.

  • Cypriot women have many looks. They can be short, tall, very tanned or white. Most have an olive skin with darker hair and eyes. There is not a real distinguished look for them as of current because they are a melting pot of races. Cyprus is a major tourist destination and cross breeding has reflected the appearance of all Cypriots. Also, if you take into account that Cyprus is practically two countries in one (about 75 % are Greek Cypriots and about 20% are Turkish Cypriots) than it becomes obvious why it is difficult to define how beautiful Cypriot women look like.
  • The women of Cyprus take good care of their appearance and are very feminine. They are always doused in large flashy jewelry, sexy clothing, and wear make-up. It is unusual for a Cypriot woman to walk out of her house not made up. They are very fashionable and trendy by Western standards.

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  • Beautiful Cyprus women love to go out and lounge on the beach during their spare time. They also enjoy the night life. They are very social creatures and have a large circle of friends. They enjoy spoiling themselves with feminine things such as day spas and shopping. These women are very into themselves.

  • Cypriot women have tight family bonds and are constantly under the pressures of traditional culture. She will live in a constant state of nagging and encouragement to marry and have children by her parents and peers.
  • Women from Cyprus have equal educational rights and over 60% are in the workforce, however there is only a 31% chance that she will enter into a University or higher level of education. Greek and Turkish are the official languages, but because Cyprus is a very touristy destination, chances are she will speak the English language.

Women from Cyprus desire to be treated like goddesses. They are not shallow and a man with a fat wallet is not the most important thing to them. Listed are some qualities most Cyprus women are looking for.

  • Beautiful Cyprus women love good looking men. However, good looks without brains won’t get you far.
  • A romantic man that recognizes her femininity will be preferable. These women want to be lavished and treated as if they are queens.
  • A confident, manly, and stable man that shares her same views of tradition and equality is very desirable.

Cyprus women are easily approachable but may come off as reserved. This is just the way they are and it is not considered rude to them. They are out to have a good time, good conversation, and relax. Since they were little they have been taught to admire the beauty of men and vice versa. Below you can find some things to do that will win a Cypriot beauty.

Eleftheria Eleftheriou - Beautiful Cyprus Women

How To Attract Beautiful Cyprus Women

  • These women are very social and love great conversation. Keep it light and do not go deep. She will easily bore.
  • Dance, dance, dance. They are great dancers and will appreciate any man that will engage her in sexy group dancing.
  • Openly flirt and compliment her on her beauty. Going Dutch with a beautiful Cypriot lady is a No No and is considered very rude.
  • Treat her like a goddess. No wondering eyes. Respect her female beauty by giving her a high amount of attention. Small gifts are always appreciated as well.

Beautiful Cyprus women are gorgeous and are still expected to fulfill traditional domestic roles. They are by no means submissive however their patriarchal society still exists. These women are very laid back with everyday life but have no problems expressing themselves in gesture. For someone looking for a traditional mate a modern Cypriot woman would be an excellent candidate.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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