Beautiful Dominican Women

Beautiful Dominican Women For The Adventurous

Like all Caribbean nations, the Dominican Republic is considered to be a beautiful nation surrounded by blue oceans however it is still a developing country with 40% of the population considered to be poor.

The Dominican Republic is very touristy and not too many of those know what goes on beyond their compound or gulf course resort.

With that being said, the Dominican people are a unique breed of Spanish.

They are very fun, outgoing, and the women are more traditional and reserved.

Dominican Women Characteristics

Beautiful Dominican women  are a perfect mix between Africans and Europeans. Their hair can be Afroish but most of the times it is just a tight curl. They usually have high cheek bones and take excellent care of themselves. These women are extremely feminine with a sense of modesty. That is if they are not dancing to the Merengue.

Take a look at lovely Dominican women:

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  • Dominican ladies have a natural beauty and accent their features with little make up. No matter what the occasion, they make sure to be dressed nicely whether they are rich or poor. Even if it is a baggy t-shirt and sweat pants, it will be the nicest one that they wear and if they have heels, they will wear them with it. They are low maintenance and love to be as fashionable that money will allow for.
Ada Aimée de la Cruz Beautiful Dominican Women

Ada Aimée de la Cruz

  • Education is available to all Dominican’s, however it is harder for some in the more rural parts or for the poor. These women likely will only speak Spanish unless they are affluent. They do participate in the workforce however their goal is to earn their bread on foreign land. You will find these women all over South Florida working in  low paying jobs.
  • Dominican women are very tight with their families. Almost all Dominican’s practice some sort of religion, LDS being predominate.
  • Beautiful Dominican women love to dance to the Merengue. They are taught to do this all of their lives. They go to night clubs, participate in many outdoor activities, and attend services on Sundays. These women are extremely family oriented and do all domestic duties. They do stay busy, however most of the Caribbeans, it is at a very slow pace. They are never in a rush to do anything.
Dania Ramirez Beautiful Dominican Women

Dania Ramirez

A significant amount of the residents in the Dominican Republic want to head off to foreign soil in order for a better life. Below are some things to expect when in relations with one of these beauties.

  • First, reportedly they love white men or lighter black men.
  • Beautiful Dominican women will take care of their children and all household chores. She will do this while holding down a job.
  • It is likely that Dominican women that work in United States or some other foreign country will send as much of her earnings as she can to family members back home.
  • Dominican women can be dramatic, but it is uncommon for a public display of discontent. They are more contained than most Hispanics.

In conclusion, Dominica ladies make excellent housewives and can whip up a million dollar meal in minutes. They are independent and hard working. A lot of them are looking to be “rescued” due to the hardships they face in their homeland.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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