Beautiful Egyptian Women

Beautiful Egyptian Women Unveiled

Beautiful Egyptian women hold many secrets when it comes to love, sexuality and femininity. When you think of Egyptian women, immediate thoughts of Cleopatra and overwhelming beauty come to mind.

What you do not expect is that 90% of the women in Egypt are Muslim. However, the remaining 10% are either Christian or some other recognized religion.

Even though Egypt is a very lenient country compared to other Islamic countries, Egyptian women whom are Muslim will almost never be with anyone else that is not Muslim. Egyptian culture and belief systems are very different form Western states, as well as their women.

Unlike most other Islamic states, Egyptian women have way more rights. They can drive, go out a lone, and even wear what they want, to an extent. If you ever get to see the body of an Egyptian female in all of her glory before marriage, you are one of the rare few. Here are some common characteristics of Egyptian females.

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  • Most all women of Egypt have the same features. Tanned skin, dark hair and eyes, and are short by Western standards. Their skin is flawless and they are curvy in their younger years. The younger girls may wear little make up, however most of them do not. Beautiful Egyptian women for the most part are very low maintenance.
  • Egyptian women dress according to their religion however they all wear conservative clothing. They always cover their shoulders and do not typically wear mini skirts. Most of them cover their hair but some do not. Typically, Egyptian women feel safer in traditional Islamic clothing. That is not to say they do not wear form fitting clothes in the bigger cities, but you will never see one dressed like a street walker.
  • Beautiful Egyptian women are very calm and collected. They have a higher degree of education and likely speak decent English. There is a very small chance that she will smoke sheesha or cigarettes however chances are she will not exhibit this habit in front of other men or in public. Depending on her religion, she will not drink alcohol or does so secretly.
  • Egyptian women are typically very driven until they settle down. Modern women are very strong minded and may make a scene when approached. They do not approach men and tend to group up with their peers or other family members when out and about. Egyptian women are very traditional and take their religion seriously.

Beautiful Egyptian Women

Beautiful Egyptian women are usually extremely attracted to Westerners, especially those with fair hair and green or blue eyes. However, a man (in most cases) must convert first; that is if he wants to marry here.

Here are some other things that available Egyptian women are drawn to.

  • Beautiful Egyptian women need the safety of a very strong and confident man.
  • As mentioned above, most Egyptian women will be attracted to men of her faith. She will be appreciative of any man that treats her as a free woman. Besides being Western, her freedom will be the biggest factor in her attraction to a man.
  • All beautiful Egyptian women love financial status. The more that can be provided for her, the more she is allured. Egyptian women love to be spoiled (as most of other females in the world).
  • A faithful man is extremely important as well. Most Egyptian men are not faithful, yet the women have to suffer through the ordeal. A man that exhibits a sense of faithfulness will be favored.

Beautiful Egyptian Women

If a date happens with a nontraditional Egyptian women chances are she is not Muslim, or you are; either way good for you. With Egypt’s recent revolution, it is still misunderstood if an Egyptian woman can legally convert her faith.

If you are on a date, there are a lot of rules to follow that cannot be told without making this a 20 page essay, however there are some things that you can do that will make her fall head over hijab that are legal and inoffensive.

  • When dating an Egyptian woman, chances are you will not be alone. Complimenting her is OK, just remember that she has heard these lines all of her life, so say it in a way that you mean it.
  • Do not ever touch her, especially in public. As well, try to be very modest and limit your physical interaction all together.
  • When walking the streets, stay very close to her. She will be very receptive to this. As well, stop and get her a scarf or something that makes her feel feminine.

When dating one of the beautiful Egyptian women you should be a true gentleman. Also, usually her sole purpose of being out with a man is for potentially marrying him.

In conclusion, Egyptian women are very faithful and intelligent beings and rarely have emotional tantrums due to their up bringing. Little things are appreciated as well as the freedom of expression.

Beautiful Egyptian Women

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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