Women With The Most Beautiful Faces

The Secret Of The Beautiful Female Faces Revealed

Scientists from around the world agree that beauty is all about the proportions and symmetry.

 In other words, if a woman’s face is symmetric (or slightly asymmetric) than she is beautiful.

Of course, defining beauty as the “symmetric perfection” is very convenient but only partially correct. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

That being said, many studies have shown that facial symmetry plays a crucial role in the judgments of female beauty. This fact can be explained in many ways and the evolutionary theorists argue that more symmetric faces are preferred because symmetry is a sign of superior genetic quality and developmental stability.

Furthermore, a number of studies indicate that the facial symmetry is linked with the personality traits:

1.Women with the symmetric faces tend to be more extroverted.

2.More symmetrical faces are judged to be lower on neuroticism but higher on conscientiousness and agreeableness.

3.Women with more symmetrical faces are likely to have more desirable social attributes assigned to them, such as sociable, intelligent or lively.

First Impression Vs Second Impression

There is no doubt that during the process of the initial judgment of the female beauty most people unconsciously “rely” on the facial symmetry. Also, it is a well know fact that a woman with a beautiful face is likely to be perceived as a good and gentle person even before she opens her mouth or makes any move.

However, once you get to know a woman with a beautiful face you may find her even more beautiful or quite unattractive; depending on her personality and behavior.

In other words the first impression (which takes seconds to form) is all about symmetry and unconsciousness whilst the second impression is far more complex and powerful – it can completely “overwrite” the first impression.

Furthermore, women that are famous or otherwise successful are often found very attractive despite the fact that their faces are not perfectly symmetric (they are ordinary looking). This undoubtedly is showing us that even an “ordinary” looking woman can be perceived as beautiful.

Also, a woman that is gentle, intelligent, devoted and passionate can’t be perceived as anything but beautiful and attractive. A woman’s character influences greatly the perception of her physical beauty.

Everything said above brings us to the conclusion that virtually any woman can be perceived as beautiful and attractive if she is beautiful in her heart.

By James DeMarco

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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