Beautiful Female Soldiers

Eight Safety Rules When Dating Beautiful Female Soldiers

Women in the military do date civilian men, however they are not thought to be very approachable.

After all, they have been trained to be human killing machines and this can kind of be intimidating.  However, there is something very attractive about a beautiful woman that knows how to drive a tank.

Unfortunately it takes a lot of understanding of collective behavior to even get one of these women to date a civilian, and even if she does, there are still many unique challenges that will come up.  Here are eight helpful tips that will help to get you “on base”.

First: do not EVER try to compete with her in a playful manner.  This will initiate the training mode and you can easily turn yourself into a casualty.

Second:  When approaching her, make sure your shoes are shined, clean shaven with a sharp haircut, and standing erect.

Third:  Do not sneak up on her and say “guess who?”.  You will instantly turn into the enemy that she was trained to kill.

Fourth:  Do not be late.  If you are late when picking her up, she will likely make you run twenty laps and do two hundred push-ups to redeem yourself.

Fifth:  If you are taking her out to dinner, be prepared to eat fast.  Beautiful female soldiers eat dinner in less than five minutes flat.

Sixth:  When out and about, try to take her to places that will make her feel comfortable and will keep her interest, such as a firing range or an EM Club.

Seventh:  When engaged in conversation make sure to avoid politics.  Even if she has an opinion, she will not be able to discuss it with you.

Eighth:  Be as covert as possible.  Your mission is to not draw attention to yourselves, therefore do not publicly display any emotions or noticeable movements.

Good luck soldier and don’t forget to wear the protective gear 🙂

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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