Beautiful Fijian Women

The beautiful natural landscapes, stretches of white sand beaches and an archipelago of Islands are a few of the amazing natural features of Fiji. This beautiful Melanesian Island country boasts an exotic tourist destination that fills visitors with a lifelong feeling of satisfaction.

It is known as one of the happiest countries in the world with an abundance of forest and mineral resources and a descent tropical marine climate, perfect for outdoor lounging. On a visit to this South Pacific Ocean country, you will be fascinated by the relaxed Fijian atmosphere and an available company of friendly young men and the beautiful women of Fiji who will make you feel at home.
In Fiji, the females are key figures of the society in spite of male domination which has existed since the time of the founding fathers. Primarily, Fijian women are the homemakers, but they are subordinate in decision making in the family. However, they are beginning to break free from social segregation and unworthy stereotypes. Thanks to the influence of western education. Also, among the female gender an increasing number are joining the political movement to seek elected positions in the government. This great advancement encompasses mostly Fijian women with the National Council of Women serving as a formidable force. The shift is also opening up avenues for female children to obtain higher education. This presents a great opportunity to emancipate the future female generation based on the fact that they are dubbed as more intelligent than their male counterparts in schools. With recent changes, females are allowed to inherit properties in spite of a highly patrilineal societal setup.

Brittany Hazelman

Brittany Hazelman

The beautiful women of Fiji are industrious and full of dignity. Rarely would one of them pass by you without saying “Bula” (meaning hello) with a contagious smile. This is characteristic of the Fijian society and a practice that was passed from generation to generation. Traditionally, Fijian women support their families by engaging in fish collection as well as rice and sugar farming. Several of them can also be found holding different job roles in the education and health sector.

Fiji is highly multicultural with only about 57 percent of the entire population having full Fijian ancestry. As a result, the physical looks of the women here vary based on their ancestry. In actual fact, you will find several Afro-American looking women as well as those with Indian and European looks with skin tones ranging from light tan to dark.

Generally, Fijian men appreciate busty ladies, so you will find several women with voluptuous figures. Meanwhile, western ideals which favor ladies with model-like statures have collided with this. As a result, both sides of the divide are well represented among Fijian women. Many of the women take pride in wearing their natural curly hair in an Afro-style. They also have a modest way of dressing which often includes skirts and colorful dresses.

One important thing to note about the beautiful women of Fiji is that majority of them are expert mat and basket weavers. Some also engage in pottery and bark cloth making for domestic and ceremonial purposes. This emphasizes the hardworking nature of Fijian women. Additionally, they are accommodating and will always leave a lasting impression in the hearts of their guests beyond the rolling hills and lush tropical Islands of Fiji.

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