Beautiful Finnish Women

The Glory Of Beautiful Finnish Women

Beautiful Finnish women are very sophisticated and have high standards. However, after reading this article about them you will be equipped with the basic knowledge you need in order to understand them.

Finland is a gorgeous country with only 5 million Finns as residents. They are a strong group of people that have made wonderful contributions to the world, such as being the first country to implement 100% equal voting rights among men and women.

The typical Finn is often described as quiet and melancholy. They don’t value small talk and rarely use the phrase “I love you”. They use these words for their closest

family members, and even then they do not use them often. The beautiful Finnish women are amazing, especially during the summer months when they are unshielded from the winter bulk. Here are some of their characteristics.

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    • The Finns are typically tall. Actually they are one of the tallest nations in the world together with the Dutch and Swedes.

      These babes usually have platinum blonde to light brown hair with gray, blue, or sometimes green eyes. Dark hair is seen in them but is not at all common. A lot of beautiful Finnish women dye their hair dark in order to stand out. They do not wear a lot of make up as they are naturally beautiful with a flawless light to pink skin.

  • Finnish women are highly educated and take their education very seriously. They like to keep to themselves and will never brag about things. These women are also nice and friendly in a specific, Finnish way. Everyone is created equal in their eyes. It is very common for a Finnish woman to have a physically labor intensive job, just as the men.
  • Finnish women are excellent caregivers and raise their children to respect nature. They create tight bonds with the cosmos and forests. A lot of them believe in the supernatural as well. These women are very simple and usually do not surround themselves with a lot of clutter and material. Some of their favorite past times are to hang out in saunas, binge drink on the weekends, and work.

 Beautiful Finnish Woman

When it comes to dating and relationships, beautiful Finnish women almost always settle with in their own. That is not to say that a foreigner does not have a chance, but it is rare for them to inter-mingle with an outside. Below are some male characteristics they are attracted to.

  • Finnish women have a high sense of national pride. That’s one reason they do not inter-mingle. A man will have to have the typical physical Scandinavian features.

Anna Falchi - Beautiful Finnish Woman

  • Finnish women love men that are into ice hockey. Ice hockey is like a religion to her that she is devoted to.
  • She will be attracted to an intelligent man with manly behaviors. A man that works as an office assistant simply will not do.
  • Romance is not really their thing, of course that doesn’t mean they they are not feminine and gentle because most of them are. A man must be independent and confident. Someone looking to get into snuggle fest will probably be disappointed. As a side note, the condescending behavior is not tolerated what so ever in the Finnish culture.

Beautiful Finnish girls may not be easily approachable at first. It will be best to break the ice with something in common such as ice hockey and beer. Here are few more tips to win her over.

  • She will not be big on physical contact. However, she will be big on manners and these can easily make her blush.
  • Do not come off as desperate. Constantly telling her that she is beautiful will be a turn off and reeks of ill intentions.
  • Whatever you do, do not compare her to Estonian women or any other women for that matter.

Being with a beautiful Finnish woman does come with great reward. They are very intelligent, in touch with nature, and have a strong work ethic. These women are very low maintenance and are not caught up in materialistic things. They are mentally strong which can be very attractive to an independent man.

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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