Beautiful Gambian Women

The Gambia, a small West African country is a land of high daytime temperatures and uninterrupted sunshine. It is certainly the place to enjoy a real African holiday with its beaches and wildlife reserves welcoming visitors year round.

Most tourists find the beautiful women of Gambia accommodating and inviting among the numerous locals in colorful textiles and beyond the platters of spicy sea foods.

At first glance, a typical Gambian woman presents a charming and elegant figure. Trying to attribute a specific shape or size to the ladies from this part of the world would be an extremely difficult task. This is because you could find them in various shapes and sizes ranging from slim to plus-size including some who are muscular in physique. Most of the women from the Smiling Coast of Africa, as The Gambia is fondly called are dark skinned from the effects of the West African sun, although there are several of them who are light-skinned. You will also find several tall women in Gambia, especially among the Wolof ethnic group.

Traditionally, the beautiful women of Gambia go in long flowing clothes made of bright and colorful materials with their hair adorned with colorful beads. The western culture also has an influence on the dressing of Gambia women as some would prefer to don western-styled outfits, sometimes with an African flair. It is good to note that as a Muslim country, it is quite unacceptable for women to appear in body revealing clothes in public places.

Generally, Gambian women are strong and hardworking. You will find a majority of them engaged in subsistence farming while others work in banks and public establishments to support their families. Craftwork such as bead making, basket weaving, and dressmaking is also common among these women. They are known for producing beads that are usually used as hair accessories during traditional outings.

It is also good to mention how these women from the Smiling Coast exude a high level of hospitality and courtesy. If you are planning to pay a visit, be prepared to answer questions such as “How is your life?” “How is your family?” “How is the weather treating you?” all at once in a single greeting! These questions usually follow the normal “Peace be unto you” which is a popular form of greeting among Gambians. Whenever you experience this, keep your cool. They are only expressing their sincere concerns about your wellbeing.

In addition, the Gambian women possess a strong sense of responsibility to their families. Women are generally responsible to their families. Women are responsible for childcare in Gambia and they do a good job at it too. Customarily, the older females protect the younger ones.

By law, there is equality of the sexes. As a result, women have an equal right to inherit and own properties as the men. Although, the men tend to dominate in this regard, the domination has begun to wane. Thanks to a growing women’s movement all over the country as the beautiful women of Gambia have learnt to stand up for their rights.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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