Beautiful Icelandic Women

Beautiful Icelandic Women Are Far From Being Cold

Iceland is like no other place on earth and it is home to some of the most beautiful blonds in the world.

This Northern European country can best be described as a floating chunk of ice that is famous for geysers, glaciers, volcanoes, and stunning blondes of course.

It has all of the modern conveniences that other Western countries do. Iceland is an equal opportunity country and is one of the oldest democracies on earth. Iceland’s population is so low that it is no wonder people think there is such a high concentration of beautiful women.

Another reason for so much beauty in one place could be because of a famous legend that Viking raiders kidnapped women and took the most beautiful ones from the villages back to Iceland. Beautiful Icelandic women are very feminine and ethereal looking and have many other unique qualities about them.

Take a look at these graceful Icelandic women

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    • A lot of women in Iceland are blonde with blue, gray, or green eyes. They are really tall and have milky white smooth skin.

      They are extremely feminine and take good care of themselves. They wear cosmetics and dress according to the latest trends and weather patterns. These women have hot blooded Viking genes which makes them very passionate by default.

  • Most of the Icelandic women have a higher degree of education. They will at least know three different languages and English is one of the requirements. Icelandic women are active in many outdoor sports and physical activities. On the weekends is when beautiful Icelandic women love to get all of their drinking out of the way by going to the discos. They are very warm and welcome strangers easily.
  • Most Icelandic women marry at a later age. It is very common for them to even have children before settling down with a mate. Icelandic women are hard workers and juggle a family and a career at the same time with ease. 90% of them work outside of the home. They are good caregivers and do not believe in any kind of physical abuse. Spanking children is against the law. They say the women here have always been independent because they were taming the land while their husbands were out to sea.

    Alexandra Helga - Beautiful Icelandic Women

    Alexandra Helga

To add to the piles of evidence that contributes to how gorgeous they are, beautiful Icelandic women have been the Miss World champions on three separate occasions. They are very attractive and enjoy the company of other men as well. Below are some examples of what types of men they are drawn to.

  • Icelandic women are not known to be superficial at all. All women are attracted to money, but a kind hard working man will always be more desirable. They are not xenophobic what so ever.

Beautiful Icelandic Women

  • A man looking to settle down at a rapid pace will be very disappointed because these women like to take their time. Men looking for a traditional woman will hardly find that in Iceland.
  • Education does matter to Icelandic women. They are very smart and will expect the same from a man.
  • A man’s appearance is not on display for the Icelandic’s. They do enjoy a hunk of a man however it turns them off when a man gives great detail into his looks.
  • Beautiful Icelandic women love to have fun and are very outgoing. They will expect to go out on the weekends to party and drink.

Beautiful Icelandic woman are a total joy to be around. Their culture is very laid back and manners are more casual than other European nations. These women are fun to date and are not known to be gold diggers. They are attracted to various types of men as long as they employ a strong work ethic and a certain degree of intelligence.

Icelandic beauties are not looking to rush into a permanent relationships because they are independent and not pressured by family and peers to marry and have children. Essentially, they are the perfect woman for a man that is looking to have a steady stream of fun.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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