Beautiful Irish Women

The Luck Of The Irish & Beautiful Irish Women

The amazing country of Ireland is home to the best beer on the planet and leprechaun’s.

It is a rooted country with rich history and centuries of development. Today Ireland has all of the modern conveniences as the Western world.

As for the women, some are traditionalists but most are not this way as of current. They are stunning and their English accents are very attractive.

Because of immigration, there is sure to be a gorgeous woman that fits any mans taste. Below is a little bit more about them and what can be expected.

Irish Women Characteristics

It is a common stereotype that beautiful Irish women have red hair and fair skin. First, red hair is not common to any culture. Because of the mixed gene pool, Irish women come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be tall or thin and are very trendy when it comes to fashion. They do spend time tending to their looks and are always current to the latest fashions. Depending on their age and the weather these woman will dress in short mini skirts or take a conservative approach to their attire.

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  • All Irish women will speak English and have a decent education. Their education is comparable to that of America’s. They have several celebrated traditions and carry a very strong sense of national pride.

    Most of them are Catholic by birth however it is rare for them to steadily practice religion.

  • Modern beautiful Irish women are not commonly traditionalists. Cohabitation is customary and so is bearing children before marriage. Settling down is done at a later age. The Irish do form tight bonds with their family and friends and are welcoming to strangers.
  • Irish women love to have fun, go dancing, and romantic outings. They are very social creatures and are always busy doing something. They have a strong work ethic and most hold jobs outside of the home. They have all the same rights as men and are very competitive in the job market.

The women of Ireland have a casual mannerism about them. They expect to be treated as equals and are currently in the midst of a strong feminist movement. They do expect a “please” and “thank you”, however the traditional views of pulling out her chair and opening doors for her is not as common as it used to be. Below is a list summary of what kind of qualities they like in men.Beautiful Irish Women

What Irish Women Like In Men?

  • Beautiful Irish women love humorous happy go lucky men. They tend to have a misunderstood sarcastic sense of humor but are always in the mood for poking fun and laughing all the way up until their bed time.Beautiful Irish Women
  • Irish women will shun any man that is still living or getting handouts from their mothers. Masculine men that are standing on their own two feet is a necessity to them.
  • Even though these women love humor, it must be leveled with maturity. A man that is able to hold a steady job and has is own flat is desirable.
  • A man that doesn’t care about his appearance, which is common in Ireland, is a complete turn off. These women do not expect a man to be on a catwalk, however they like a man that is well groomed and put together.
  • Irish women love to be romanced. A man that enjoys holding hands while on a long walk or one that knows how to sweep her off her feet with unexpected notions will be rewarded with her attention quickly.

To sum up, beautiful Irish women have a lot of fine qualities. They come in many forms of appearance, are educated, and independent. Also, Irish women have the advantage of fulfilling many different tastes of men because everyone one of them are different. They are calm and collected and overall charming.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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