Beautiful Ivory Coast Women

Beautiful Ivory Coast Women Are Ebony Beauties

Côte d’Ivoire, or the Ivory Coast, is a predominately black nation with a 50% literacy rate. The main religions are Muslim and Christianity with the main export being the highly demanded coco!

Unfortunately the Ivory Coast has been in a state of civil unrest since 2002, also the president refused to step down after an election he was defeated in 2010.

Today he is under house arrest, however the country is still considered unstable.

This is also one of the reasons that the Ivory Coast has fallen from being the economically strongest West African nation as well.

This impact has directly affected women and the great strides they have taken in the past 20 years. Beautiful Ivory Coast women are socially considered unequal, however laws and more opportunities have opened up for them. Here’s a little more about them.

Ivorian Women Characteristics:

  • It should be known there are 60 different ethnic groups in the Ivory Coast however most of its people are black. The women are tall, usually have high cheekbones, full lips, and very curvy… well… certain parts of their bodies which men find very attractive. Affluent ladies do wear cosmetics, and dress extremely well with modesty. Bright colors, long skirts and dresses are the outfits of choice. A lot of these women wear beautiful wraps around their heads as well. Also, religion will dictate her dress code.
  • Education was improving significantly until ten years ago, however male literacy rate is considerably lower than female. She has a 57% chance of being literate and only a 70% chance of being educated all together. A lot affluent ladies are not educated either. Women here are encouraged by the government to pursue careers in business, take on political seats, and participate in the workforce, however gender bias has bearing on this and men continue to dominate on every level.
  • Ivorian women are more apt to have 5 children, marry young, and work the home front by growing food, weaving, and all domestic duties. Extended families are extremely important, especially in the rural areas. In the cities it is more likely for nuclear family lifestyles.

Take a look at these beautiful Ivorian women:

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  • Beautiful Ivory Coast women will always be busy. They are very social butterflies and enjoy the company of others. These women are extremely warm, nurturing, and welcome foreigners with open arms. If they are not doing domestic duties, they will be chatting it up with gal pals and others in their community.

Modern Ivory Coast women do date, depending on her religion. A lot of them openly flirt and they are known teases. Here are some more things to know about Ivory Coast relations.

  • Ivory Coast women are not race specific nor are they materialistic. These women can easily make their own clothing, cosmetics, and accessories. They are 100% feminine.
  • Reportedly, loyal men are rare in Ivory Coast society. Thus, men that are devoted and faithful are highly regarded by the Ivorian ladies.
  • Beautiful Ivory Coast women can legally marry at 16 and the men at 18. These women are trained at a young age on how to manage a household. Today a man is considered the leader of his family.

At this point in time, Ivory Coast women are facing setbacks from the civil unrest the country is enduring. Unfortunately many women, and men, are not educated where as higher education is only available to a select few.

With the right circumstances in place, these women have an excellent chance of bringing back order and content. They are excellent caregivers and loyal family members. Gorgeous Ivory Coast women are extremely beautiful and exotic looking as well.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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