Beautiful Kenyan Women

Introducing Modern and Beautiful Kenyan Women

When the country Kenya is brought up, most people think of head dresses, lions, and tribal people. It is not a poor country nor rich. It has its very wealthy parts and about 50% are slums by western standards.

Most people in Kenya live off of one US dollar per day.

In rural areas the people are more tribal whereas in urban areas the people are more western like.

Kenya is a growing country with over 70 different ethnic groups.

Living standards and the treatment of women have vastly improved over the years.

Today Kenyan women are “supposed” to be treated equal in the workforce and other areas where discrimination is typically prevalent, and they are gaining in big strides. Not only is Kenya a gorgeous country, but the beautiful black women here are staggering. Here are some more details about them.

Kenyan Women Characteristics:

These women are either black or dark black. Many of them are tall with very prominent East African features. Most are skinny with definite curves. Their eyes and lips are a major contrast to their gorgeous high cheek bones. Beautiful Kenyan women are extremely feminine and take great care to look their nicest.

Take a look at this beautiful Kenyan women:

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  • Kenyan beauties wear cosmetics and most Kenyans dress in a western fashion. Muslim women wear modern Muslim clothing and the tribal dress wares are commonly seen in the more rural areas. These women, whether rich or poor, will always look their best.
    • Education is widely available in the urban parts of Kenya and there is a 79% chance that the Kenyan women are literate. Education is considered sub standard by western standards. Higher degrees are pursued by the more affluent. These women are extremely hard workers and 80% of Kenya’s ladies work in the agriculture industry.
Ciru Maina Beautiful Kenyan Women

Ciru Maina

  • When it comes to marriage, Kenyan’s practice many different rituals. Most women are married at a young age and they are subservient. A typical family consists of at least four children.
  • Kenyan women are always busy. Today most of them are either working a strenuous job, raising children, doing domestic duties, and grouping up with their friends. They are social butterflies. Most Kenyan women participate in church as well. Young ladies do go out to the clubs and love to have fun.

Beautiful Kenyan women are attracted to many types of men and race is not an issue. White men are very appealing to them however. After much research, it is safe to say what modern Kenyan women are really looking for when it comes to the dating scene.

  • First is loyalty. Reportedly, Kenyan men are notorious for being unfaithful.
  • Kenyan women are extremely conscious of their appearances. They will likely not tolerate a man that does not groom himself.
  • All Kenyan women are looking for men with intelligence and financial stability. Men that make less money then her will most likely not have a chance.
  • Kenyan women today are demanding equality on the home front. A lot of men want a wife at home and girlfriends on the side. This is being less tolerated.

Beautiful Kenyan women have made an extreme presence in recent years. They are being educated and laws are slowly making their place on the agenda. These women are more independent than ever and westernization has certainly made its presence in Kenyan society. These women are not looking to be rescued, they are demanding to be an equal.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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