Beautiful Kuwaiti Women

Located at the tip of the Persian Gulf, Kuwait boasts one of the most spectacular locations in the Western Asian region. This warm, oil-rich country presents a charming outlook that tourists find difficult to resist.

Visitors find it breathtaking to explore destinations like the Liberation Tower and Failaka Island, which is situated within 20km of Kuwait city. You will also find one of the Middle East’s most elegant coastlines at Al Kout Beach, where the clear waters and beach parks offer a great relaxation spot.

Beyond all the attractions in this beautiful country are the kind people, especially the beautiful women of Kuwait. The womenfolk in Kuwait are characteristically elegant with amazing attributes. They exhibit the rich cultural heritage of the Kuwaiti people; the country’s history would actually be incomplete without mentioning the women.

Kuwait boats the most stylish female fashionistas in the Gulf region.

Sondos Alqattan

Sondos Alqattan

These ladies are elegant with chiseled features and voluminous hair. Traditional Kuwaiti and Western values have both defined the style and physical outlook of women in Kuwait. As a result, you will find some exhibiting the western style of dressing while some still go veiled.

The western style of dressing is most common among the younger generation and the working class who prefer skirts, blouses, trousers and suits.

Kuwaiti women occupy a top spot in the list of the most emancipated women in the world. Thanks to the liberal Kuwaiti society. Since the discovery of oil in this country, the female gender has experienced several changes on the social front. One of the latest is being accorded the right to vote and seek public office which became enforceable in 2005. It is also common to find these women occupying high positions in government establishments.

Education has played a major role in the emancipation of the women in Kuwait as well. Female access to education has increased dramatically over the last 20 years.

Fouz Alfahad

Fouz Alfahad

There are currently about 69.8% of college undergraduates who are females with up to 75% of Kuwait’s total female population who are literate.

This contributes to the status of the country as one with the highest literate population in the Arab world. The beautiful women of Kuwait also outnumber their male counterparts in the public workforce where up to 54.24% are females.

Kuwaiti women have a long history of sociopolitical activism which dates back to the 60s. The country will never forget the important, but delicate role played by women in resisting the Iraqi invasion in 1990. Women are highly revered in Kuwait and they are accorded equal property rights as men.

If you are a fan of contemporary art, you will definitely have an interesting time admiring the creative artworks spread across over 20 art galleries in Kuwait. However, don’t be surprised when you discover some of the beautiful works were by female artists. In addition, never forget to try out a plate of steaming hot Machboos which the beautiful women of Kuwait are skilled at preparing.

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