Beautiful Malian Women

Some Truths About Beautiful Malian Women

Gorgeous Malian women are the best thing about Mali.

Mali is on the list of one of the world’s poorest countries. It is an African country with over 60% desert land. About 80% of the people are agricultural workers and the country itself relies heavily on foreign aid.

Reportedly, trafficking women and children is endemic and prostitution is legal and widespread.

Women here are hardly treated as equals and often discriminated against even though it is currently illegal to do so.

Here are some more things about exotic Mali women.

Beautiful Malian women are typically a licorice black, tall, and thin. There are many lighter skinned Malians as well. They are very feminine and appearance is important to them.

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Despite being a Muslim, the veil is rare. These women prefer dresses, skirts, and bright colors. Outlandish jewelry is also a characteristic of their dress code. Head scarves and feminine turbans are also commonly worn. Some women wear cosmetics where as others are simply gorgeous without it.

  • Malian women are hardly educated. Only about 50% can even read or write. Education is important, however social and financial issues are reasons enough for them not to obtain formal education. The affluent ladies will pursue higher degrees and very few have taken their place in positions of power. Other women participate in the workforce by farming, owning small open air markets, or creating textiles.

    Tiguida Sissoko Beautiful Malian Women

    Tiguida Sissoko

  • Marriage in Mali is heavily encouraged. Malian girls can legally be married as early as 15 but most are married at the age of 18. They are expected to perform all domestic duties and are subservient to men. Many marriages are arranged but legally she can marry whomever she wants.
  • Malian women participate in many family functions, ritual, and celebrations, Women form tight bonds with their families and other females.They love to shop, cook, and socially group up with one another. These women stay active.

Women from the rural areas hardly date. If they do, it is short lived and meant for the outcome of marriage. These women are used to many social barriers when it comes to relationships, however today the more educated women are not bowing down to the pressures of society. Typically though, she will be thought of as a second class citizen. Below are some more details about Mali relations.

  • Reportedly, Mali men are known to step out on their wives. These men are, in most cases, older and usually have a wife at home and many girlfriends on the side. Women are supposed to remain virgins until marriage and loyal to their husbands.
  • Lack of education and no access to birth control, Mali women have litters of children. Tragically, the chances are quite high that one of her children has died at infancy.
  • Mali women take very good care of their men. They make sure they are always appropriately dressed and well groomed. They cook, clean, and support them in any way they can.
  • Malian women are excellent mothers and family is extremely important. Typically a Mali woman will become part of her husbands extended family. Modern Malian women are very conscious of her potential mates family traditions and values.

Even though equality of gender is not socially acceptable, more and more Malian women are becoming aware of their rights and exercising them.

Men that are interested in women of this ilk should be aware of their culture and consider their vulnerable state. Beautiful Malian women are simply gorgeous with high traditional values and deserving of a good man.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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