Beautiful Mauritanian Women

The Maghreb region of West Africa, which is notable for being arid is home to the 29th largest country in the world. The Islamic Republic of Mauritania occupies a land mass of about 1.03million square kilometers, 40% of which is arid.

Mauritania is a land of many sights ranging from desert scenes with several hidden oases to the mountains in the Adrar region. One of the places that might qualify as a tourist attraction in the future is the “fattening farms” where most ladies derive their massive sizes from. Well, the beautiful women of Mauritania are big and bold!
In contrast to the western imposed perception of beautiful women to be slim with model-like physiques, big is beautiful in Mauritania. It is not unusual to find plus-sized women on a visit to Mauritania. They are mainly common among married women and ladies of marriageable age. This physical feature can be attributed to a cultural practice (although controversial) called Leblouh or force feeding where females of marriageable age are sent to a fattening camp to be fed up to 16,000 calories daily! Fattening them up has the goal of making them attractive to their male counterparts. Slim women do exist in Mauritania as well. Around the capital city of Nouakchott, you can find some with model-like physiques especially among the working class.
Generally, the women are elegant with glowing skins and modest dress styles. The dressing of Mauritanian women is largely influenced by a combination of traditional and western culture. Most women don the traditional Malaffa, which is a long cloak covering from head to toe. Others, especially the working class prefer western dresses as well as skirts and blouses. There are also several others who go in trousers, although the society frowns at body revealing clothing. In a nutshell, moderation is the key when a Mauritanian woman dresses. The less revealing it is, the better.
The beautiful women of Mauritania have a huge respect for family union. A typical girl child is raised to care for her family and home. The women are respected for this and are well protected by the men. It is quite rare to see a woman travelling without a male escort, although this could be partly attributed to the Islamic tradition which holds sway in the country.
The Mauritanian women are industrious. While some engage in trading and other forms of businesses to support their families, you will find others serving in the public sector. The younger females are also beginning to seek education abroad to improve their status. This has enabled some of them to stand against some cultural practices with potential injurious effects on the health of women.
While on a visit to this West African country, you will benefit from saying a lot of “Alaykum Salams” when greeted as it is generally regarded as rude when greetings are ignored. In case you are wondering, the beautiful women of Mauritania are not the only sights to behold; you could also spend some time at the Parc National du Banc d’Arguin where you will find millions of migrating birds.

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