Beautiful Nepali Women

The Wonders Of Beautiful Nepali Women

Nepal is a beautiful country with the images of the Himalayas.

It is easy to imagine monks and legendary fairy tales.

Unfortunately, Nepal is one of the poorest nations and has been slow to catch up to the rest of the modern world.

It has hardly developed and is still politically unstable. With all of this mess there are the beautiful Nepali women that have been hidden from society for centuries.

This recent decade has certainly brought about some changes for these hidden gems. Here is a little more information about Nepal’s beautiful women.

Nepali women are tanned with long dark hair. Some of them have slanted eyes and some do not. The way they dress is most exotic. Everyday wear are Sari’s, sulwar kurtas, and the younger girls are commonly seen in jeans with a fashionable shirt. Beautiful Nepali women hardly wear cosmetics but most of them adorn their foreheads and will wear ear, wrist, and neck jewelry.

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  • They are very reserved and modest by nature and their clothing will turn the heads of foreigners. Typically society will depict their fashion sense, however they are a bit more modest thinking and do not express their goods openly.
  • Education in Nepal is other than desirable. The literacy rate is only 43% for women. Women do have access to education and if the circumstances are right, modern Nepali lady will certainly snatch the opportunity. Otherwise, the people are severely lacking in the intelligence department. This is not to say they are not intelligent in any respect however, the way modern Nepali women are brought up and viewed in society still remains archaic by all standards. If she is educated, chances are she will understand English and will have a higher degree. These types of women commonly go off to study elsewhere.
Jharana Bajracharya Beautiful Nepali Women

Jharana Bajracharya

When it comes to religion, it is the most important and fundamental part of all Nepalese’s lives. Temples are absolutely everywhere in Nepal. Beautiful Nepali women have the right to be free thinking and practice whatever religion they so desire.

The chances that she will be Hindu is 80% although there are other acceptable practices. They participate in many traditions and it is said that there are 4 different New Years celebrated in Nepal.

Women’s roles of modern Nepal are slowly changing. Today many of them are still centered around their traditional roles of being completely subservient to men but this is completely dependent on the status of her parents.

The Nepali women that break this vicious cycle are the ones that gain education, which again depends on the wealth of her parents and cultural circumstances.

When it comes to Nepalese relationships, it tends to be a touchy subject. Modern and educated women will typically serve their men like kings. They just get treated better. They will be free thinking and par take in important familial decisions.

These women demand respect. If crossed, a man’s life can easily be turned upside down. For the ones that come from the more poor parts, they will be (for the most part) nothing more than hardworking, child rearing low class citizens.  Below are some more things about Nepali relations.

  • It is very common for educated beautiful Nepalese women to give up their careers in order to marry and have children. They are excellent caregivers and will require her potential mate to be of equal or higher social class.
  • A lot of Nepali women are free thinking these days however she will more than likely want to be financially dependent on her mate. It is her culture for the male to bear the financial burdens of family.
  • Nepali women of a higher caste will demand respect, however, she rarely has to demand it and will come natural to her.

As it is, Nepalese women still have far to go when it comes to being Westernized. Their thinking can be of free will, whether they chose or are raised that way is another story. They are very friendly and welcoming with a sense of modesty. Beautiful Nepali women would make a great reward for any man that has tolerance.

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