Beautiful Norwegian Women

The Beautiful Norwegian Women Of Today

Norway is one of the most gender equal countries in the world. If a traditional woman is what someone is looking for, forget about it.

Norwegian women are respected more than the men and are statistically more educated. They are very liberated subjects.

Norway is a country of money, high standard, and has all the modern conveniences of the Western states, if not more.

Norwegian women are beautiful in every aspect, however do not expect her to bow down or be submissive what so ever.

Norwegian Women Characteristics

Some common features include a tall stature, light eyes and hair colorization. Many have blue, green, grey, and hazel eyes. Contrary to popular stereotypes, most Norwegians are not platinum blondes, but there are many variations of blondes. Few have dark eyes and black hair, but it is less common. Norwegian women take very good care of themselves compared to Western women. Their obesity rate is well under 20% of their overall population.

Beautiful Norwegian women are very bright creatures. Proper etiquette is on most important to them and so is their appearance. You will never see an unkempt Norwegian woman. Their sense of style is very contemporary for living in a colder climate. They are very stylish and do not have a mini skirt night club appearance. They wear very little cosmetics and are severely sophisticated.

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      • Norway has a closed immigration policy so the women tend to stick with their own kind. They are not rude, but they are not as welcoming to foreigners per se. Also, Norwegian men are among the finest and most desired men of the world. Because of all these factors, approaching beautiful Norwegian women might prove to be difficult for a Westerner. They are not complex nor cold, they are just wary of all foreigners and their potential intentions.

    • Norwegian women are well versed in all aspects of world cultures, politics, and humanities. They have significant roles in many global issues. They marry and have children at a later age and manage their careers and family at the same time. It is rare for her to be a house wife.

Majority of Norwegian women are focused, sustain self security, and are confident. They are regarded as one of the smartest nations in the world being they have one of the highest educational standards. Because of all of these facts, it only makes sense that they have the right to pick and chose the type of men they deem fit. Here are some cues as to what types they are attracted to.

Things That Norwegian Women Like in Men

  • Norwegian women do not put up with many things that other women do. They are not drama queens and live worry free. A man that has had a long time career and a high degree of intelligence will be desired.
  • Manners are very important to Norwegian women. They are very lady like and the men are brought up under these conforming standards. A Norwegian will demand that a man have the utmost regard for manners.
  • Norwegian women are equal. A man that can appreciate and expect to share all duties and financial responsibilities are preferred. He should at least have the same, if not better, financial stability. They do not mind if he doesn’t, but statistically they know that marriages where the man makes less than her will feel inadequate and therefore the relationship almost always crumbles.
  • Beautiful Norwegian women are healthy and active. They are the furthest thing from lazy and have a high sense of Norwegian pride. A man that is uninterested in participating in activities and national pride need not even apply.
  • Only 32% of Norway’s people believe in god and most of those believers do not practice religious ceremonies. A man with a deep conviction of religion will more than likely not be a good candidate. Not to say that Norwegian’s are not open minded, again they are highly intelligent.

We already discovered that beautiful Norwegian women are intolerant of ill manners, that will be the same with courtship. In some parts of Norway, open flirtation may be considered rude. So might a show of public affection. Here are some other tips that you can by on.

Norwegian Women Dating Tips

  • When out, whatever you do, do not ever expect her to foot the bill. This is probably the worst insult of all.
  • Open doors, respect everyone around you, and do not treat her like a helpless kitten. Pour her wine, pull out her chair, but do not order food for her unless she is unfamiliar.
  • Flirting is OK as long as it is done with class. Telling her she is a “hot thang” will not result in a second date.
  • Norwegian beauties love to be wooed with traditional things such as flowers and chocolates. Perfumes, jewelry, or other such things are less appreciated. They are too taste specific.

Beautiful Norwegian women conclusion: As a westerner, your chances are very slim engaging a Norwegian woman. If it so happens that a non Norwegian man is in her company, you can count your lucky stars.

Younger ladies do befriend foreigners or tourists however remember they are very taste specific. They are not shallow, liberated and independent, and are low maintenance. They are almost too good to be true.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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