Beautiful Petite Women

What do men really prefer when it comes to the height of a woman?

Instantly one answers that taller women are more attractive. Almost all supermodels are tall and taller women certainly draw attention to themselves because they stand out in a crowd. They are usually thin and present themselves with a sense of confidence. As well, most short women wish they were taller.

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So do men really prefer taller women?

Studies and years of research say “no”. Extensive research on this very topic has been conducted hundreds of times and the results always conclude that men prefer shorter women.

Why is it that men are attracted to shorter women? Well there are several reasons for this. A preference set aside a man’s evolutionary genetic makeup is what concludes this scientifically.

It is common to see a towering man with a short woman. It would seem that this kind of drastic physical difference would pose some challenges, such as sexual relations in the bedroom, or her needing a step ladder to even look him in the eyes.

Beauty by today standards portrays gorgeous women being extremely tall, when in reality many studies show that men are more attracted to small petite women. Because of this, Hollywood and fashion magazines are fighting a losing battle when it comes to basic human nature.

Taller women are indeed less attractive than petite women and below are some reasons why.

For one, petite women appear to be more feminine and dainty while taller women are perceived as being more masculine to men. Small women take smaller steps, are less noticeable, and are considered cute and adorable like “Hello Kitty”. Also, petite women tend to look younger which makes their overall beauty more attractive to men.

Genetically men see size and height as intimidation factors and taller women appear to be dominating. In traditional gender roles, men prefer to be the dominating ones in relationships. Unfortunately taller women are not exactly appealing because men feel their masculinity is being threatened.

Beautiful petite women present themselves to be more fragile as well.

Instinctively men think fragile women need to be protected and cared for. Because of this, men feel more masculine when in relations with smaller women. He can easily pick her up and whisk her away at ease.

Finally, men find that beautiful petite women look like a load of fun and appear to be less serious. A man can just pick her up and fool around with her. Playing a game of flirt wrestle with a woman that can beat him up is not exactly fun to him.

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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