Beautiful Police Women

Amazing photos of real beautiful police women from around the world.

10 facts about beautiful police women:

1.They have a gun, pepper spray, nightstick and handcuffs!

2.They are trained to shoot to wound, or to shoot to kill (depending on the situation).

3.They are well aware that men find them attractive but that doesn’t mean they have a soft spot for male criminals.

4.Their job is to protect and serve you (don’t get any ideas; if you do just go over the facts #1 and #2 again).

5.They are trained in martial arts and hand to hand combat.

6.Most of them believe that being good looking is a disadvantage when engaging suspects.

7.Their job is very stressful and dangerous.

8.They keep our streets safe and risk their lives doing so.

9.They are trained to recognize when someone is lying, and they have lots of experience with people lying to them which makes them “living lie detectors”.

10. To conclude, beautiful police women rock!

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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