Beautiful Samoan Woman

The Samoan society constitutes a gathering of welcoming people. The warmth radiated by these people often leaves their visitors with a desire to return. Just like neighboring Tonga, this friendly atmosphere is facilitated by the women who are known to be big, bold and beautiful.

The beautiful women of Samoa occupy a significant role which is integral to family and community harmony in this South Pacific Ocean country.

At this point, it is good to note that a third gender known as “Fafafini” exists in Samoa. Biologically, the Fafafini (like a woman) are males who were raised to act and dress like women. The origin of Fafafini dates back to centuries ago when there was a shortage of women to carry out domestic tasks. Fafafinis were raised to fill this void and this practice has remained ever since. The context of Samoan women in this piece does not include Fafafinis.

As earlier hinted, big remains a distinguishing feature of Samoan women. They present an expression of what it truly means to be big and yet look good. Traditionally, the women are known to enhance their beauty with “Malu,” which is a form of tattoo administered from just below the knee to the upper thighs. However, this practice is beginning to wane due to the influence of western culture. So, it is common to see several of them wearing western accessories and makeup instead.

Modesty dictates the dress style of a Samoan woman. Being one of the countries in the Polynesian region to have maintained its historical customs till date, Samoans have a fetish for their traditional outfits. The women wear “Puletasi” which comprises of matching skirt with a beautifully designed tunic and “lava-lava,” which is a type of Sarong that is also common among Malaysians and Indians. Furthermore, most working class ladies and the younger generation have embraced the western mode of dressing. So you can expect to find the beautiful women of Samoa gracefully donning denims and suits like their American and European counterparts. However, it is a taboo to go topless and quite irritating according to Samoan norms to wear revealing clothes. Therefore, the women are well covered in public at all times except for private areas and beaches where they could be seen in bikinis.

The family remains vital to the existence of the Samoan woman. So, she cherishes her family and ensures they are well catered for. Samoan women contribute to their family’s upkeep by engaging in the production of items of important cultural values. These include woven mats and bark clothes which are often used as ceremonial gifts. Many of the women are also employed in the formal setting such as banks.

Socially, there exists an upward mobility by women. Fortunately, the Samoan constitution allows equality for women and there are also ongoing plans to set aside a minimum number of parliamentary seats for women. Samoan women are confident and are well-behaved in public. They are also liberal and would respect others’ views.

Samoa is definitely a perfect destination for romantic getaways and honeymoons. While the resort, waterfalls, museums, beaches and lava fields guarantee a fulfilling experience, an encounter with the beautiful women of Samoa will make you extend your stay.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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