Beautiful Swiss Women

Yodeling To Beautiful Swiss Women

Swiss watches and chocolates are some of the finest in the world however their women are just as delicious.

Switzerland is full of hard working educated individuals, as well, it is a very rich country. The Swiss franc is so high, that the Swiss middle class have no problems vacationing anywhere in the world every year. The Swiss women are very polite, but they typically are not warm and friendly with the strangers.

Also, do not expect to easily integrate with their social groups.

Outsiders are not frowned upon however they mostly consider them second class citizens. As for the women, even the Swiss men complain how “complex” and mysterious they are. That explains their 60% divorce rate.

Swiss Women Characteristics

  • A true Swiss woman is literally the only true blonde out there. Their eyes are very bright blue and sometimes green, the skin is pale, and of medium height. They do dress trendy in a conservative fashion. They do not pile on a lot of facial cosmetics and are physically low maintenance.

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      • Swiss women, especially the younger ones, are very active in sports and outdoor activities. Also, most modern Swiss are extremely environmentally conscious. On their spare time they typically go hiking and back packing.

        Beautiful Swiss women are not known to take great care in dressing provocative and exposing their figures or skin.

    • Swiss women are not rude, they are just very reserved. They are highly educated and learn multiple languages in early childhood.
      Swiss girls do participate in some alcohol consumption, yet they are not likely to go out partying every night. They are very environmentally conservative and a lot of their activities and lifestyles will be dependent on that fact.

In Switzerland, men are valued by their monetary and social rank. Swiss women are very well respected, however they have a patriarchal mind set. Rudeness and lack of etiquette is undesirable. Also, the Swiss almost always stay within their own race. Below are a few more assets that beautiful Swiss women are attracted to.

    • The women of Switzerland love strong hard working men that are very active. They are very private and expect the men to be that way as well.
    • A man with money comes highly regarded. The woman is still considered to be the care giver and the male the bread winner.

Beautiful Swiss Women

  • Educated men that have tight social bonds with their families is very attractive. Even with gender equality, the role of a Swiss woman in modern times is still archaic.

When out with one of the beautiful Swiss women manners are very important. Giving gifts are fine, as well as flowers, but do not expect too much emotion and gratitude. They appreciate these things but they are expected. Beautiful Swiss WomenIt will prove to be difficult to “awe” a Swiss woman as it is in their nature to be very low key.

    • If out, try to do outdoor activities. She will enjoy seeing your strength and appreciation of the environment.
    • Public display of affection is not common so keep hands to yourself. Do compliment her on her overwhelming beauty, but do not go overboard. Swiss women are not shallow.
  • A Swiss woman is typically very worldly so conversation will be easy. Talking about experiences while on past travels is very interesting to them. Whatever you do, do not try to yodel.

When approaching beautiful Swiss women remember that they are not going to warm up easily. They are not vain, but they have certain expectations that their culture has ingrained into them.

Manners and financial status is very important and is not something they will overlook. Finally, dating a Swiss woman can be very rewarding as they are drop dead gorgeous, are not emotionally demanding, and are highly intelligent.

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