Beautiful Tongan Women

Tonga is undoubtedly a tourist destination. As a prospective visitor to this Polynesian Kingdom, you are probably hoping to experience the ambience of the South Pacific Islands, lined with alluring beaches and its tropical vegetation.

The Friendly Islands as Tonga is fondly called in the west, also boasts beautiful coral reefs which are inviting for tourists. Moreover, meeting the beautiful women of Tonga could also add to this experience and make it an unforgettable one. Tonga is rich in cultural values and endowed with beautiful women with unique physical features and social status.

One striking feature of Tongan women is their physical size. In Tonga, a large frame is a measure of beauty unlike in North America where slim and skinny ladies with bikini body structures are highly revered. On the average, Tongan women begin growing prodigiously in beauty right from age 15. Most females grow to well over 6ft in height and 200pounds in weight. As a matter of fact, Tongan beauty contests often have large, smooth-skinned ladies carrying the day, although grace and dancing skills are also part of the selection criteria.

Traditionally, Tongan women are highly revered in the family and social circle. This can be attributed to the partly matriarchal settings of the country which had stood the test of time. Although men reserve the right to inherit titles and lands, this hierarchical system presents an equal societal role for both genders. Therefore, a woman literally runs things in a typical Tongan family. A “Mehekitanga,” as a paternal aunt is called, is highly ranked same as a “Fahu” or eldest aunt. They share the authority over a family with a brother. In addition, for family members willing to get married, permission to do so is traditionally granted by the Mehekitanga.

Additioally, Tongan women are highly entrepreneurial by default. Traditionally, they engage in sewing, mat weaving and other economic activities. In modern day workplaces such as banks and shops, it is common to find women dominating the population as well. However, considering modern day principles, there are no obligations for women to perform manual labor. So, in addition to beauty, resourcefulness is another interesting quality of the beautiful women of Tonga.

If pre-marital chastity has anything to do with good behavior, we can confidently state that Tongan women are well-behaved by tradition. This is because prior to the arrival of the Europeans, pre-marital chastity is highly revered and accepted as a norm among Tongans. Among the upper-level social class, the virginity of brides is usually proofed with the display of stained sheets after the wedding night. This will also guarantee the paternity of future offsprings of the marriage. In a way, this practice elicited pre-marital sexual abstinence among young adults as it was considered a shame not to be found a virgin on the wedding night. However, with the arrival of the Europeans, this practice has declined, although it’s still active among commoners.

Therefore, given the information you now possess about the beautiful women of Tonga, you might want to fast-track plans to pay a visit. Never mind if you are not close to a six-footer. Tongan women are friendly and would make your stay worthwhile. Tongans are also generally committed to a generous and genuine welcome to visitors as part of their societal core values. Pardon me for not stating this earlier.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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