Beautiful Turkish Women

Beautiful Turkish Women Are Very Desirable

Turkey is one of the oldest civilized places on earth. Tourists flock there for the beautiful beaches and ancient architecture.

People here have all the same conveniences as other developed countries.

It has the 7th largest army in the world, and is one of the very few places where the land can feed its population, all 73 million of them.

It is not a poor country with 35% of its people being considered rich and only 10% being very poor.

Turkey is a democratic republic, however about 99% of the people are Muslim, and with this comes a certain cultural difference between the equality of men and women. Here are some things about beautiful Turkish women.

Turkish Women Characteristics:

Most Turkish women are tanned or olive complected, with dark hair and eyes. Turkish women are very stylish and dress in the same clothing that western Europeans do, however about 30% will still wear a hair covering. As for veils and burqas, they are illegal in Turkey but the law is rarely enforced.

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    • Most women do dress with modesty, but there are some that are very provocatively clad. They do wear cosmetics but overall they are low maintenance. Beautiful Turkish women are very feminine and do not walk out of their homes unkempt.

Beautiful Turkish Women

  • Education for Turkish women comes with the same opportunities as for men. Unfortunately cultural barriers do prevent a lot of women from obtaining a higher degree. 19% of Turkey’s women cannot read or write. They have no limitations in the workforce or leadership roles. Modern Turkish women will balance their careers all the while fulfilling their duties as a “good wife”.
  • Turkish women are very reserved and unfussy by nature. In modern Turkey, they are highly respected about 60% of the time. This means 4 out of 10 women are domestically abused. These women do live in a patriarchal society, however they do express their independence and are very free thinking.
  • In Turkey women are encouraged to marry and have children, and marriages are still arranged in rural parts. Usually educated Turkish women date, and chose their own mates. It is unlikely for her to marry or hang around anyone her parents disapprove of though.
Gamze Ozcelik Beautiful Turkish Women

Gamze Ozcelik

  • Turkish women are extremely social and form tight bonds with their friends and family, especially their mothers. They do tend to group up and participate in outdoor activities, sports, and traveling is really popular. A lot of Turkish women have a skill in the arts and crafts department. These women do hang around the opposite gender, are excellent caregivers, and are not usually raised to be as subservient as they were in the past. They are very fun to be around. These women are kind, passionate, and welcoming to foreigners.

Beautiful Turkish girls usually date Muslim men. In the past it was not common for them to marry outside of their race, however today they are seen with men of all “shades”. Here are some other things they look for in men.

  • Beautiful Turkish women are not known to be with men of a lower social status. He most likely has to be of equal or higher caste. The same goes for finances.
  • Men that highly esteem women and adore them for their beauty, femininity, and individualism are very attrective to them. Domestic abuse is common and this will be something she concerns herself with while dating.
  • Turkish women will flock around men that travel and are worldly. Traveling to them is the ultimate hobby and puts them in a higher caste.

Beautiful Turkish women are very traditional on the home front however they do not need to be rescued by westerners. These women are graceful and are quite content with their current situation. More and more laws are being put in place to ensure equality and to encourage them to be free thinking. They are gorgeous, exotic, and their traditional views makes them highly desirable among western Muslim and none Muslim men.

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