Beautiful Women of El Salvador

Situated between Honduras and Guatemala, El Salvador is surely one of the most unique countries in Central America. The country was named El Salvador, meaning “the savior” by the Spanish Conquistadors many centuries ago.

Measuring only 21,040 square kilometers and with a population of over six million, El Salvador ranks as one of the most densely populated Countries in Central America. El Salvador is a country with a rich cultural heritage. We cannot give a truly objective brief about this culturally rich country without a reference to the immense role played by the beautiful women of El Salvador, who have added color to the land of volcanoes.

What does a typical Salvadoran woman look like? The Salvadorans are a mixed breed; hence, it is common to see beauty expressed in various forms. They are tall, they are short, they are slim, they are fat. A vast majority of the population are of aboriginal Meso-American and Mestizo decent. Some striking features of the Mestizo women are: long brown or black hair, which may be straight or curly; a glowing skin, which may be light tanned olive or dark tanned and a characteristic almond cat-shaped eyes. 

Alba Delgado

Being a mixed population, it is not uncommon to see white-looking Salvadoran women with blue or green eyes, fair skin and blonde hair around El Pital and La Palma.

However, a vast majority of the women have glowing skins that give you the impression that they were fashioned from some of the most refined copper on earth.

The Salvadoran women have been in a constant battle for self-actualization and gender equity. The end of the Salvadoran Civil War in 1992 heralded the dawn of a new age for Salvadoran women. Government legislations now made it possible for men and women to enjoy equal rights. It is however sad to note that some Salvadoran women still face gender inequality in areas such as education, politics, employment and in the family circle. The beautiful women of Salvador must be commended for whatever progress they have made in the face of unfavorable socio-political circumstances. Despite having relatively small representation in the political scene, their contribution to national development cannot be easily brushed aside.

In spite of her immense contribution to the wellbeing of her household, the Salvadoran woman believes that men must be accorded due respect. She is careful not to raise her voice to her husband. Additionally, she makes sure she serves him a delicious home-prepared meals whenever he calls for it.

It is customary for younger women to show respect for older ones by using titles of respect before the person’s name. She also trains her children to greet passersby on the street and to say a greeting to a store owner before requesting an item.

Marcela Santamaria

She considers it a sign of rudeness for her children not to say a greeting to older persons.

The Salvadoran women are very lively and fun to be with. They are very expressive with their gestures and may extend a hug or a kiss to show you are welcome. They can often be found engaging in funny conversations with one another. They enjoy making jokes. And don’t be amazed, they already got you a nickname!

The Salvadoran women have great taste when it comes to dress and grooming. Traditional women dresses are usually very colorful and with ornamental patterns. On festive occasions, the women and young girls can often be seen putting on various brightly colored costumes and a plume, emphasizing the rich culture of the Salvadorans. The influence of Western cultures can be seen in Salvadoran contemporary dresses. However, most of the foreign trends still retain the colorful floral patterns associated with the cultural fabrics.

A lot has changed in El Salvador over the years. The land of many volcanoes never ceases to amaze people the world over. Thanks to the priceless contribution of the beautiful women of El Salvador. They have paid the price to make the country a better place. It is a good thing you got to learn some amazing facts about some of the most remarkable women on the face of the planet. Hopefully, your next vacation will be a lot more fun!

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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