Look Into Beautiful Women Eyes And Tell What She Is Thinking

Revealing the mystery in women eyes

Women are more obvious then they think.  They play head games in order to trick and test men.  They even lie.

Sometimes they act completely disinterested just so they can play hard to get.

Women make it so men have no clue what they are thinking and this brings many men to the conclusion that all women are crazy.

Fortunately by looking into her eyes, you can always tell what the deviate is up to.

After all, the eyes are the windows to the soul.

Also they are a very nonverbal way of communication.

When it comes to beautiful women eyes, it is easy to follow some of the stereotypes that are published all over the internet that are basically folklore, when in all actuality, her astrological sign or eye color means nothing more than when she was conceived and her genetics.

Green eyes do not mean she is likely to cheat and brown eyes do not mean she is excellent in bed.

That is like painting every woman with 5 different brushes.What women think

Below are some great ways to tell what she is thinking simply by looking into her eyes; however it is wise to use them in conjunction with her facial expressions as well.

How she uses her eyes are what you are going to be looking for here:

For instance, when you look into her eyes in a well lit room, are her pupils dilated or constricted?

If they are dilated it means she is excited, interested, or nervous.  If they are constricted then she is more relaxed and unconcerned.

Do her eyes look down a lot?  If so that indicates insecurity.

Does she have a deep stare without blinking?  That is definitely intimidation or extreme confidence.

When you are talking to her and she is looking everywhere but at you, that usually indicates boredom.

Does she roll her eyes a lot?  Typically that is a sarcastic gesture she makes with her eyes.

What she is doing with her eyes can indicate other things such as tiredness, humor, deceit, and even evilness.  Just examine them closely and you will get a good idea of what she is thinking about pretty quickly.What women think

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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