Reasons Why Men Love Beautiful Women In Competition With Each Other

Find out why beautiful women tend to compete with each other.

Men love to have women competing over their affection. They do this because they really are no different than women when it comes to feeding the ego.

When women compete over him, he is feeling flattered and desired.

Sometimes men will even initiate women in competition with each other in order to make themselves feel good.

They get a real boost of confidence and enjoy the subtle drama.

Another reason men love this feisty behavior is because it makes them feel like these girls really want relationships with them.

These men feel that if beautiful

women are willing to compete with other gorgeous women, then they will have a vested interest and really care about them.  Men feel wanted and important.

This reason is based on evolutionary theory.A long time ago, women used to compete with other women in order to keep the male around to help protect her offspring.

Men love competing women because it is in their genes.

Cave men used to spread their seeds and have as many offspring as possible with many females.  Today that behavior is still in their genetic makeup.Women in competition

Finally, when women are in competition with each other, this exhibits an over protective and nurturing behavior.

In the subconscious minds of men, the women that are fussing over them are essentially defending his honor and willing to put up a fight for his love.

This certainly makes men feel respected and worthy.

To conclude, it should be known that “jealous” behaviors and “competing” behaviors are not the same.

Jealousy is usually caused by distrust and a lack of self confidence.

Competing behavior is simply about a woman doing everything she can to appear better than other women that are around her man or a man she is interested in.

These competing women tend to be more feminine, feisty, and extremely desirable.

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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