Beautiful Women of Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands have been through thick and thin in the past. If you consider the country’s dark histories of the second world war, the implications of the rising sea levels and impacts of nuclear warhead testing, it wouldn’t be out of place to liken this country to a piece of gold taken through the purifying fire.

And yes, it emerged from all these challenges to become a tourist destination which receives over 5000 visitors annually.
The country is simply filled with amazing people who are generous to a fault. The beautiful women of Marshall Islands are a wonderful representation of the magnanimous and friendly nationals of this island country. You will always have fun interacting with them anytime you are on a visit.
Marshall Islanders are family-oriented. Culturally, the family is believed to be held together by 3 pillars – the land, the women and the children. The women basically care for the home and while they are regarded as behind-the-scene performers, they wield a lot of authority in the household based on the matrilineal structure in place. In actual fact, this follows the modern Marshallese belief that women are as capable as the men in decision making. For a country with a long history of domestic violence against women, this really sounds good for gender equality.
Women are beginning to assume active roles in the political affairs of the country, although at an average of 8.8%, it’s still considered low. At the moment, the Marshall Islands have an incumbent female president – Hilda Heine – who was inaugurated in 2016. She is the first female leader of an independent pacific country and also the first Marshallese to obtain a doctorate degree. Dr (Mrs) Heine is highly regarded for laying a good path of leadership for the younger Pacific women to follow.
Furthermore, the women enjoy a lot of goodwill and social welfare most of which are provided by countries in the Pacific Rim, the US government and religious bodies. Land can also be inherited in the country along maternal lines.
Marshallese women participate in several economic activities. While the men are largely known for aquatic activities such as fishing, the women engage basically in farming activities such as digging up arrow roots and gathering pandanus fronds. In addition, the beautiful women of Marshall Islands are known to be expert weavers. The majority of the weaving female population is concentrated in Jaki-ed, where most hand-woven earrings, bags, necklaces and fans originate from. Modern day educated Marshallese women either seek careers in the academia at home and abroad or seek employment in one of the country’s few industries and the tourism sector.
Women from this part of the Pacific have good fashion sense, although within modest limits. An amalgam of both American culture and Christian missionary ideals has influenced female fashion in the Marshall Islands over the years. Women are often clad in loose-fitting clothes which cover every part of the body as it is often regarded as inappropriate for a woman to expose her thighs and other sensitive parts of her body. The younger generation has largely adopted the modern western-style of dressing.
A significant percentage of the beautiful women of Marshall Islands are dark skinned. Generally, they are well-behaved with stunning looks and are often fond of rocking natural hair.

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