Beautiful Women of Nauru

Swaying coconut trees, fertile fields, sandy beaches, blue-green waters, calm moonlit evenings—does that sound like paradise? In Nauru, one of many islands making up Micronesia, you can enjoy all of these and more. In this uneasy 21st century, several people would like to “get away from it all” and live somewhere peaceful and beautiful.

Have you ever dreamt of living in a paradise? Then come with us and explore some of the beautiful natural resources this tiny island country is endowed with. Although this time, we’ll explore what some consider the most attractive – The beautiful women of Nauru. Perhaps, after that, you can choose which version of “paradise” you prefer!

Early explorers have long admired the beauty of women found in this region. Some of the earliest paintings show women with large arms, perhaps to emphasize healthy living. He same can be observed today among Nauruan women. Young girls and women are observed to have very dark hairs, often decorated with flowers and draping to the shoulders. Nauruan women generally have round frames and full facial features. By the way, Nauruan men greatly admire a large-hipped woman; so if you have similar tastes, this might be the island “paradise” for you!

On the average, Nauruan women marry quite early, around 22 years of age. The people are unusually warm and hospitable. In addition, they are somewhat soft-spoken and easygoing. The unhurried pace of life of the beautiful women of Nauru is contagious, and as a visitor, you may already begin to feel you have succeeded in escaping all of life’s worries. An overwhelming feeling of tranquility descends upon you as soon as you engage these wonderful Micronesian women in a friendly conversation.

Miss Nauru Lucina Detsiogo

Miss Nauru – Lucina Detsiogo

Do not get us wrong here. Nauruan women also enjoy some fun activities too. In traditional settings, Nauruan women still enjoy indigenous rhythmic dancing and singing on festive occasions. So they are not all about being drab. Moreover, the women enjoy making local crafts using materials such as kokospalme wood and kokosfasern.

In most Nauruan societies, a division of labor bordering on gender affiliation is not clearly evident.

Nauruan women enjoy a measure of authority in the family circle due to the matrilineal social system in place. This allows daughters equal rights with sons in areas bordering on properties and inheritance. And by extension, they can pass on this right to children without seeking the consent of the extended family. Strange as it may sound, Nauruan children owe their identities to their mother’s lineage. Although men may be seen as a figure of authority in the family circle, it is actually the Nauruan women who act as decision-makers. Due to their enterprising nature, they are able to take care of their family’s social and economic needs.

Although they are under-represented in the political scene, the role these hardworking women play in the larger society cannot be underestimated. Western education has opened up several opportunities for Nauruan women to remain relevant in areas of national development. Over the last fifteen years, quite a number of women have entered the labor market. So you may not be surprised to find them working as educators and administrative staffs. Not wanting to compete with the men, some Nauruan women have found a niche as active members of the National Council of Women.

There is so much to desire about the beautiful women of Nauru, that we have barely explored the fringes. Have you decided yet when you will visit the Pleasant Island? There is so much beauty to behold that the heart will literally swell with appreciation! The sun still rises over the blue ocean and sets behind palm trees swaying to the gentle rhythm of the trade winds. We are sure you’ll be back again.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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