The Best Places To Find Beautiful Women Without Make Up

If you adore women that are not afraid to show their natural beauty here are some tips where to find them.

Women all over the world wear cosmetics to enhance their beauty. Unfortunately there are woman that go overboard with their makeup application techniques.

They trowel on face paint and blush, dawn fake eyelashes and coat them with black tar, and pile on so much lip stick that it takes special toxic chemicals in order to remove it.

Sure it is nice for women to look good and enhance their assets, however a big complaint from men is that a woman appeared to be beautiful until he woke up the next morning and her cosmetic mask had deceived him.

He did not realize that she wore more makeup than bozo the clown.

Not only that, some men do not like the smell or taste of lipsticks and facial foundations.

As well, it leaves a mess on the pillow if she does not wash her face off first.

If makeup poses these challenges to you, then try finding naturally beautiful women.

Women that wear loads of cosmetics are trying to draw attention to themselves and natural beauties are not, so it makes sense that natural women would be in places that people do not typically go in order to find each other.

They do not hang out in bars or night clubs, but they are in everyday places if you open your eyes and look.

For instance, in church.

There are many naturally beautiful women involved in religious activities.

Another good place to keep an eye out is at the beaches and public pools.

A lot of women do not go to the beach to wear cosmetics, and if they do, her makeup will surely wash off after a long swim.

A really good place to find naturally beautiful women without make up would be any place where there are endurance activities going on, such as in a gym.

Once you get used to what natural beauty really looks like, you will realize that the world is full gorgeous women that have no need for expensive, toxic, and deceiving cosmetics.Women Without Make Up

Women Without Make Up
Women Without Make Up

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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