The Best Dating Websites

If you’re tired of meeting people locally in bars, or having to approach random strangers in public settings, or maybe even sick of being the subject of blind dates, and matchmaking from friends, then maybe you’re considering the world of online dating.

Sure, it may seem a bit awkward at first, and maybe even unromantic if you like to romanticize the story of how you met your partner.

However, the world of online dating offers many advantages.

Here are some of the most popular and best dating websites that you may want to take a look at if you’re new to the world of online dating.

If you’re new to this, you may want some tips on how to find the best website, and the truth is that many websites are very popular and each has their advantages.

That’s why it’s important to know which websites are good according to your dating situation.

Take a look at the list below as an appetizer for some of the most popular websites and what they have to offer.


OKCupid has a very easy to use and appealing interface and lets you create a very personalized dating profile.

This website is great for anyone along the spectrum of gender orientation as it allows you to say what gender you’re attracted to, what your gender is, and also what type of relationship you are in and what you are seeking.Best Dating WebsitesSo if you’re polyamorous, gender-bending, queer or hetero, this website will accommodate you.

While it is known that there are many people on dating websites who have crude and even disrespectful approaches (and this one is no exception), because OKCupid allows you to screen potential matches according to a series of questions, you’re well equipped to get rid of anyone who’s a waste of your time and focus on the most interesting candidates.

The most appealing aspect of is that it promises a lot of matches, and they offer a 6 month guarantee.

Of course because of this appeal, there are a lot of people on the site, which makes it really easy to return a lot of local or not-so-local potential matches.

However, it can be a lot of work to sift through that many potential matches, so be prepared to make this a little bit of a side hobby to invest your time in before you get the dates you want.


Eharmony is a rather serious and in depth approach to online dating.

Rather than catering to anyone who just wants to have fun with casual encounters, this is a website that is aiming to help singles find lasting relationships, so the qualifying process to setup your profile is more extensive, but it will also promise better results and outcomes if what you’re looking for is a long term mate.

This website may not be for you if you’re just looking for a quick fling, in which case try your luck elsewhere.

4.Plenty of fish (POF)

Plenty of fish, the name says is, is a website geared towards the abundance of potential dates.

Best Dating WebsitesThe interface is a bit tricky and though there are relationship assessments, they are quite daunting to fill out if you are looking for just a quick fling, so this website ends up being a mish mash of people looking for casual relationships and those looking for more long term.

The good news is, you can set your account up to receive messages online from qualifying candidates, however if you’re interested in both men and women, the site only allows you to choose one of the two for your dating profile, which makes it more unfriendly for those who are interested in both genders.

5.Elite Singles

Finally, for those who are highly selective, or consider themselves above the average dating pool, Elite Singles caters to a high level of profiling with services that go beyond the average dating site, promising a high return on investment for the time involved in defining your criteria.

This website is not only for those who are more seriously minded about dating and have the maturity to prepare themselves for a meaningful relationship, but is also, well the name says it, for the elite.

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