Blind Dating Pros And Cons & Useful Tips

Let’s find out how to have a successful blind date.

PROS:   Blind dates are for the adventurous.  Typically blind dates are where one another have not seen each other before.

There is only one positive thing about a blind date and that is being surprised. You can be pleasantly surprised or you can be horrified.

Just try not to go into it with a negative attitude.

The worse thing that can happen is you meet someone new that you may or may not ever want to associate yourself with again.

CONS:  Unfortunately there are many cons when it comes to blind dates.

Of course the fact that you’ve never seen this person before is certainly a con, however the date can be disastrous:

Conversation could be dull or nonstop to the point that a headache commences.

Your morals might not be the same and you did not know you were going to be in the company of a devil worshiper or a complete holy roller.

The person you are blindly dating may not have the appearance you were expecting and even worse, may be extremely attracted to you.  This can go the other way as well.Blind dating tips

Now that the blind dating pros and cons have been established, heed some of these useful tips. There are many things you can do to mentally and physically prepare for a blind date:

First, go ahead and lower your expectations!  Do not expect some drop dead gorgeous woman and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Secondly, prepare yourself for rejection ahead of time.  You may be rejected or you may have to be the one doing the rejecting.

Third, if you are alone on this blind date, you better have a backup plan in place.

Sometimes escaping on the sly is the only way to avoid a catastrophe.  Lastly, do not obsess over the date.  Obsessing over making a good first impression will cloud your judgment. Just be true to yourself.

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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