Blind Dating Tips Everyone Could Benefit From

Here are some tips you should use if you are about to have a blind date adventure.

Blind dates are very popular today.  So popular in fact that many people use the power of the internet to blindly date one another.

A lot of times friends and family will try and hook you up with a date.

With that being said, there are some very important things to consider before agreeing to meet up with a complete stranger in the hopes of finding love.

Here are three very informative blind dating tips that every blind dater should try to implement:

1) First, always, and I mean ALWAYS ask about appearance.

If finding a blind date on the internet, make sure to get a current picture.  A lot of people like to describe themselves from 20 years ago.

Simply ask for a picture with a newspaper in the photo that way you know it is current.Blind Dating

If friends or family are setting you up and they describe this individual as “nice” or “sweet”, do not even accept the date.

This is a tactic they like to pull because they know that if they tell you “he/she’s a professional at being ugly” that you will not go out.

2)Second, try to go in a group setting.

This is suggested because not only is it safer, but if your date has a zipper on the lip, you will have other people to communicate with.

You can gauge each others conversational skills and being with other people that you are familiar with will allow for a sense of comfort.

3)Lastly, try to have a “back out” plan.

For instance, your date may be very attracted to you and want to see you again, however you may be repulsed.

In this case you need to have a plan for a smooth believable rejection.

This does not mean to get up and run away either.

Without hurting someone’s feelings, try to come up with some lines that will politely hint of your disinterest in the date.Blind Dating

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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