Beautiful Canadian Women Directory

Gorgeous Canadian Ladies Are Truly Stunning! 

Take a look at these captivating Canadian beauties:

Kim Cloutier is a beautiful Canadian model and  very elegant young lady with a lovely smile. 

Zoe Duchesne - an alluring beauty with a charming personality; an ideal muse for any artist. 

Sarah Mutch - tall Canadian beauty with perfect log legs and great charisma. 

Andi Muise is a strikingly beautiful brunette with an amazing body. 

Avril Lavigne is one of the most beautiful Canadian singers. This young lady is a true rock star. 

Elisha Cuthbert -  Canadian actress and one of the most attractive petite women from the north. 

Erica Durance is a very sensual and lovely lady with a strong intellectual side.

Laura Michelle Prestin - seductive and irresistible with a perfectly shaped body. 

Pamela Anderson is for sure one of the most desired women in the world of all times. 

Misa Campo - a flammable mixed beauty with an irresistible look. 

Ramona Amiri - Canadian beauty of Asian heritage.

Meghan Ory - Talented Actress from Canada with beautiful blue eyes.

Danielle Knudson - Charming Canadian blonde who works as a model.

Janice Joostema - Gorgeous mixed raced brunette.

Ashley Callingbull - Gorgeous Native American woman with a golden hart and a beautiful mind.

Linda Evangelista - The most famous supermodel of all times!

Larisa Fraser - Canadian actress, model and blogger with hypnotic eyes.

Michea Crawford - Successful model from North America

Alice Ma- Beautiful model of Asian origin.

Serinda Swan - Canadian actress with flawless body.

Rachel Roberts - Natural blonde model and actress

Kristin Kreuk - Beauty whose dream was to study forensic science.

Canadian beauties come in many different shapes and colors due to the fact that Canada is the land of immigrants. This is one of the greatest things about Canada - there are many beautiful mixed race women with very exotic origins.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.