Capucine – One Of The Most Desirable French Actresses Ever

Birth Name: Germaine Hélène Irène Lefebvre

Date of Birth: 6 January 1928

Date of Death: 17 March 1990

Place of Birth: Saint-Raphaël, Var, France

Nationality:  French

Occupation: Actress, model

Height: 5 feet  7in; 1.70m

Germaine in one sentence: Hélène Irène Lefebvre is considered one of the greatest European beauties.


Once, I used to think I needed a man to define myself, but not anymore.

Men spoil women in America.

When I get in front of a camera, I think of it as an attractive man I am meeting for the first time – so I must do all in my power to interest him.

Interesting Facts:

Capucine received the Bachelor of Arts degree in foreign languages.

She was “discovered” by a photograph in Paris at the age of 17.

This beauty worked for major fashion brands including: Maggy Rouff, Givenchy and Christian Dior.

Her famous nickname “Capucine” is a type of flowering plant.

She was a very close friend to Audrey Hepburn.

Her film debut Rendez-vous de Juillet  was in 1949.

In 1957, famous film producer noticed her and proposed her to go to Hollywood to learn English language and study acting under Gregory Ratoff.

Helene’s first English speaking role on film was in the film Song Without End – 1960.

She loved cats.

This beautiful actress was only married once to Pierre Trabaud. Their marriage lasted less than a year.

She played in many films of European and American production including: Bernard and the Lion, Mademoiselle de Paris, Le triomphe de Michel Strogoff, Frou-Frou, North to Alaska, Walk on the Wild Side, The Lion, I dongiovanni della Costa Azzurra, The Pink Panther, The 7th Dawn, What’s New Pussycat?, The Honey Pot, Search, Red Sun, The Con Artists, Portrait of a Bourgeois in Black, Aphrodite, Arabian Adventure, Murder, She Wrote, My First Forty Years…

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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